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Trade Recognition Australia (“TRA”) has advised that skills assessment to access occupation licensing will be accessible by potential migrants before they arrive in Australia.

Successful applicants will then be issued with an Offshore Technical Skills Record which can be used to apply for a provisional licence in the plumbing and electrical trades with state and territory licensing authorities.

The optional skills assessments are conducted by the TRA-approved registered training organisation (“RTO”), VETASSESS, and are available for the following occupations in the following countries:

Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic
Electrician (General & Special Class)
Electrical Linesworker
Technical Cable Joiner

South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United States of America

Another TRA-approved RTO, Future Skills International, is expected to commence an optional skills assessment service shortly.

For further information on how a skills assessment can affect your visa application or visa eligibility, please contact us at mail@themigrationplace.com.


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