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In most recent news, the South African Parliament has backed a motion and has taken steps to expropriate or take land away from white South African owners to black South African owners without compensation.

Unfortunately, this has caused situations of horrific violence, persecution, and in some cases murder.

The Department of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has taken special action and care to look into refugee and humanitarian options for affected South African farmers that have been subject to the extreme violence.

Mr. Dutton told multiple sources that he is looking for ways for his department to “fast-track” visa pathways for affected South African farmers to come to Australia under humanitarian and or other Australian visa options.

“”If people are being persecuted, regardless of whether it’s because of religion or the colour of their skin or whatever, we need to provide assistance where we can.” – Peter Dutton

Mr. Dutton has already mentioned “…They integrate well into Australian Society, they contribute to make us a better country and they’re the sort of migrants that we want to bring into our country.

South Africans are a large part of Australian society and We at The Migration Place believes no one should be subject to such violence or discrimination.

There are many Australian visa options you could be eligible for, for example, you could be eligible for Skilled Migration, Family Sponsorship, Student Visas etc!

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