Promises For a New Temporary Parent Visa | Australian Migration

As part of an election promise, the Australian government recently announced that they are planning to create a new 5-year temporary parent visa.

The plans for the new parent visa are currently in consultation stage only and at this stage, there has been no legislation created for the introduction of this visa. Current details is that it would be a temporary visa only of either 1, 3 or 5 years duration and would take 2 years to process. Furthermore, to be granted the visa each time, applicants would need to do medicals and meet the health requirement.

The sponsor will be required to demonstrate that they have been living in and contributing to Australia for a number of years, and a longer period of contribution in Australia would provide a higher priority in eligibility. Furthermore, the sponsor will be required to show that they can support their parents by income and asset assessments. An indication of the monetary amount has not yet been provided.

While this is a welcome move for parents, The Migration Place is concerned that the Productivity Commission’s recent recommendation for the abolition of the permanent visa for parents may be the next announcement.

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