Rumours of Changes to ENS/RSMS and Business Skills Visas - Migration Place

The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has advised that:

  1. contrary to rumours circulating the industry, there will be no changes to the ENS/RSMS and Business Skills visas (rumours indicated there that changes would be implemented this Thursday 8 March 2012).
  2. While it is known that there will be changes to the ENS/RSMS and Business Skills visas, the nature of those changes will not be known until the Minister announces them.
  3. The Minister’s office has further advised that any changes to those programs will not be given without notice.

Zeke Bentley has been a registered migration lawyer (MARA 0213707) for more than a decade, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1996.

Zeke has seen countless changes to the eligibility rules for visas, sponsorships and skills assessments – sometimes with the DIAC giving less than ten days’ notice.

What is certain is this: if you receive advice that you are eligible, then you should apply ASAP as the only certainty in visa law is that the rules and processes will change several times each and every year.

The Migration Place is a division of the well established law Firm of Irish Bentley Lawyers, and we treat all visa applications like a case that is going to Court:

  1. by ensuring applications are lodged within 24-48 hours of receiving all material.
  2. By ensuring all timelines are met, and all criteria satisfied.
  3. By professionally preparing all applications to a legal standard, ensuring that the applications are easy to process, and that our evidence of eligibility is well documented and irrefutable.

Our core advice to all people hoping to live in Australia is this: apply ASAP (before any rules change), and use an experienced and registered migration agent (preferably a lawyer).


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