Secret Immigration Blacklist - Migration Place

A document accidentally released by the immigration department has revealed that the DIBP keeps a secret blacklist of migration agents. The document, entitled Agents of Concern List A and List B, shows that the department has maintained lists of migration agents whose applications were more carefully scrutinised.

Although the DIBP maintains it no longer uses these lists, we believe the experience shows the importance of using a reputable and experienced migration lawyer for your visa application. Visa applications are processed by humans, and humans make errors. A thorough, high-quality application prepared by an experienced migration lawyer will help reduce the risk of an error being made in processing your application. And in the event that something that goes wrong, we can manage the situation, whether by alerting the case officer or appealing a wrong decision to a tribunal or court.

At The Migration Place, we only lodge genuine applications that we believe have prospects of success. Our migration lawyers are Australian legal practitioners who hold current practising certificates with the Law Society and who hold registration with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. All our applications are forensically prepared to a high professional standard to ensure your case is put at its highest and the application is processed as quickly as possible.

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