Self-Sponsorship is ‘Genuinely’ Risky – Get Help! - Migration Place

If you are a business owner and intend to sponsor yourself on a 457 Visa, then please engage professional help!

The Department of Immigration have tightened the rules, and the requirement that the position be ‘genuine’ may present a hurdle to your visa application if it isn’t properly prepared.

An important aspect of the 457 Visa is showing that the Australian business is actively and lawfully trading, and that it ‘genuinely’ needs the foreign worker to fill a skill position.

If the Department believes you are only self-sponsoring as a means of securing residency in Australia, they may reject your application on the grounds that the position is not genuine. This is because the creation of a new position in order to self-sponsor defeats the purpose of 457 Visas, unless of course you can successfully satisfy its requirements. Don’t forget, 457 Visa are temporary work visas designed to fill skill shortages that the local labour market cannot fill, not to provide a method for business owners to obtain residency in Australia.

This doesn’t mean that all self-sponsored 457 Visa applications will fail, especially when the preparation of your application is professionally handled. We can help you in showing that the position is genuinely in need of filling, and that attempts to recruit from the local market have failed. We can also help you with business and training plans.

If you are considering self-sponsorship, don’t risk refusal! Contact The Migration Place today and speak to our experienced migration lawyers on (07) 3229 4025.