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Purpose of the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

The skilled independent visa subclass 189 that allows people to move to Australia as a skilled worker.  It is distributed based off of a points system, so the worker doesn’t need to be sponsored by a company or family member, as is the case in other visas.  However, it does require a letter of invitation by a division of the government.  Unfortunately, this means that the whole process of the visa has more steps than normal, so it can be confusing to apply for.  Since you must first submit your interest in coming to Australia for this purpose, it’s wise to consult with registered migration agents to make sure that you have the highest chances of being chosen.

Benefits of the Skilled Visa

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 grants the holder many other rights and privileges in Australia.  The holder will be allowed to stay in Australia indefinitely, and they will be given the right of unlimited travel to and from Australia for five years.  Not only can the holder work, but they are also eligible to study without needing a separate visa.  Additionally, they are able to enrol in Medicare, the health system of Australia.  After meeting some other eligibility requirements, holders can apply for Australian citizenship.  Also, the skilled visa holder can sponsor certain relatives for permanent residence, even before becoming a citizen.

Duration of the Visa Subclass 189

As mentioned previously, the skilled independent visa subclass 189 gives will grant permanent resident status to the holder.  After five years, however, it no longer grants the ability for unlimited travel in and out of Australia.  So, you must change your status if you desire to leave the country and be able to return.

Requirements for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

Before you can officially apply for a skilled visa, you will need to have a letter of invitation from an appropriate government office.  Additionally, you will have to have a profession that is on the relevant skilled occupation list, and these lists will periodically change.  To prove that you are capable of working in this field, you will have to pass a skills assessment exam.  Furthermore, you cannot be older than 50 years of age, and you must speak competent English (unless the profession requires you to have a higher level).

Each applicant will undergo a point-based evaluation, and the resulting number must be above a certain threshold which is specific to your individual circumstances.  The points are given based off of many factors, and they come from such categories as employment experience, English knowledge, and age. To look at the full checklist for the skilled independent visa subclass 189.

How to Apply

In order to apply for a Skilled Independent visa subclass 189, you must first submit an expression of interest.  This letter will contain information about your background, and it can be viewed by the Australian government, state and territory governments, and companies in the specific industry.  When one of these gives you a letter of invitation, you will be able to apply for the visa.  Discussing your situation with an immigration expert can help you create an expression of interest with a higher likelihood of earning a letter of invitation.

Other Skilled Visas

The Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 isn’t the only option for skilled workers to be able to migrate to Australia.  For those who meet the specific requirements, it is generally easier to obtain because of the fact that the applicant doesn’t need to find a company willing to sponsor them.  However, some applicants become discouraged because they believe they can’t achieve a high enough score on the points test, and they want to give up their application.  If you are concerned that you could fall into this category, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at The Migration Place.  Even if you will have difficulty obtaining this visa, we will be able to tell you if there are any other options for your specific case.  As a skilled worker, there are quite a few opportunities to be able to move to Australia.

Bringing Family Members

Holders of a Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 are able to bring their spouse and any dependent children.  However, these family members will also have to meet certain requirements, especially those determining their medical health and character safety.


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