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Australian CEOs have issued the Australian Government with a warning: let us import workers easily, or we will take our business offshore. Critics say that Australia is in danger of being left behind in the technological revolution, lacking any real commitment to educating and training professionals in the IT industry.

One proposed strategy to address this problem is to extend the benefits of free labour mobility deals, like the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements that Australia shares with New Zealand, to other countries, like Singapore. The free movement of workers would expand the pool of skills available to all countries involved.

With the prospect of 5 million IT jobs up for grabs in Australia due to increasing automation and computerisation, if you are trained in IT and wish to move here you should check your eligibility for a visa now! There are currently both employer sponsored visas and skilled visa options that you may be eligible for! However, understanding and meeting the requirements of these visas can be complex. Call one of our experienced immigration lawyers for a consultation today to assess your eligibility and to guide you through the process.