Stricter Requirements Set for Family Visa Sponsors | The Migration Place

The Federal Government is cracking down on family visa sponsors in new laws recently introduced to parliament. The new laws will make sure sponsors are screened more carefully before they become eligible to sponsor someone as well as encourage compliance with their sponsorship requirements.

The new family visa legislation is designed to:

  • Separate sponsorship assessment from the visa application process for family sponsored visas;
  • Require appropriate screening of potential visa sponsors;
  • Impose obligations on those approved as family sponsors;
  • Impose repercussions on those who do not uphold their responsibilities as a sponsor;
  • Facilitate information sharing between relevant parties to ensure that sponsors are of good character; and
  • Prevent family violence by rejecting or cancelling sponsorship applications where a serious offence has been committed by a sponsor.

The reason for the new laws is an attempt to, among other things, stamp out domestic violence. These changes correspond with other new laws in Queensland which prevent domestic violence victims from facing their attackers in court, granting them a ‘special witness’ status. These changes demonstrate a concerted and multi-faceted effort to reduce domestic violence in Australia.

If you are interested in migrating to Australia on a family visa, we highlight the need to act with the assistance of a registered and experienced migration lawyer. This is because the migration rules are constantly changing and the process to migrate is getting harder each year.

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