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  • Purpose of the Student Visa

    A student visa enables foreign citizens to travel to and reside in Australia for the purpose of studying.  Although it sounds simple, it’s a relatively complicated visa for which to apply.  This is because the schools that qualify, the duration of the visa, the documents that needed to be submitted, and many other elements change the process and results, and therefore it is highly recommended to get professional assistance while applying.

    Types of Eligible Education

    In order to obtain a student visa, the applicant must be enrolled in accredited courses at an approved school. The minimum duration of an individual course is 12 weeks, and the maximum is 50 weeks.  Although many different types of learning can apply, some of the most common types are language courses, professional courses, and undergraduate Courses.

    Before you enroll in a course or pay any fees, it’s highly recommended that you make sure it is one that can qualify you for a student visa.  Be very cautious of any promises that schools make, and if you have any doubts, check with The Migration Place to find out the status of the particular school and course. There are many different student visa subclass based on what type of study you are pursing; a common student visa is usually the “student visa 573“.

    Assessment Levels and Streamlined Student Visa Processing

    student visaThere are three assessment levels given to student visas, and their purpose is to determine the immigration risk by the student.  It is primarily based on the home country of the prospective student, and the field of study they are applying for.  The higher the assessment level given to the visa applicant, the more proof they will have to give to support their claim to study in Australia.

    This is another area in which it’s extremely helpful to work with an expert in visa matters, because they can help find a way to get a lower assessment level.  Overall, this will save you time and money because you will need to submit less proof about your student status. Follow this link for more information on visa conditions for students.

    Duration of Student Visa

    Although the timeline can vary, the student visa is usually valid for the period of your studies, and then for an additional 28 days after their completion.  The extra time at the end gives plenty of time to leave Australia, but if you are applying for any subsequent visas, you should do them well in advance of this period.

    Student Visa Application Process

    Fortunately, the Australian student visa is easier than some others, because it can be applied for online both inside and outside of Australia, depending on your particular situation.  However, since the fastest way is using an online system, it can be quite difficult to get answers or clarifications about any questions you have.  But, we at The Migration Place are happy to assist you if you’re having any trouble, whether you’re already in Australia or not! Wondering how much about student visa cost? Check out Australian Immigration’s Pricing Estimator.

    Employment Possibilities

    As this visa is primarily for the purpose of studying, it usually doesn’t authorize the holder to work full-time.  But, it does allow the student to work part-time during class periods, and full-time during school breaks.  However, the student must get an Australian Tax File Number before being able to work, and the whole process is easier if there is an Australian bank account.  This is another area in which expert advice can save you money overall, because the sooner you get your tax and banking situation sorted out, the earlier you can start working and earn money.

    Bringing Family Members

    This ability to bring family members to Australia while you’re holding a student visa varies depending on the specific type of visa you are eligible for.  However, the good news is that it is generally possible to bring your partner and any dependent children for the duration of your studies.  But, be careful to apply at the correct time with the proper documentation of your relationship, or they may not be allowed to join you.

    Post-Study Student Visas

    After finishing your studies, there are multiple options that you may qualify for to remain in Australia.  Depending on the type of schooling that you completed, you may be able to stay for an extended period of time to find employment.  Or, you may have learned a specific skill that has made you eligible to become a skilled migrant worker.  For more information about these possibilities, contact The Migration Place to see what may match your situation.  If you start planning for it early enough, you may be able to create a set of favorable circumstances for yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

    Contact The Migration Place

    For all matters concerning Australian student visa applications, contact the team at the Migration Place today.