It has been revealed that in 2015 a large number of students were caught cheating on their assessments. Students have been paying up to $1,000 for essays and finished assignments from companies like MyMaster and Assignment King. To add insult to injury, these companies have been boldly promoting their services in Mandarin on several community websites.

Student Visa Cancelled From Cheating

Student Visa Cancelled From CheatingDespite claims from these ‘essay farms’ about providing tailor-made assignments and essays, parts of the purchased assignments are likely to be copied from the internet, from previous work or from similar assignment requests. As a result, universities can easily detect that cheating has occurred! Last year the University of Canberra alone discovered 391 cases of cheating in a group of 420 cases it investigated. The Australian National University also discovered approximately 51 bogus assignments last year and is again searching out cheats this year.

Those who get caught cheating will risk disciplinary action, the most serious of which is expulsion from the university. This could consequently result in the cancellation of a student’s visa.

Don’t risk your residency in Australia and your future by cheating! If you are a current student or are thinking about studying in Australia, contact us today for a consultation to discuss your Australian visa options.