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Australia is positively shining in the results of the annual QS Top Universities survey! Four Australian cities have been ranked in the top twenty cities in the world in which to study. Melbourne came in second, narrowly missing out on the top spot to Paris by a mere six points! Melbourne received the highest score in the “student mix’ category and also scored highly in the “desirability” and “employer activity” categories. Sydney followed its sister city in fourth place similarly scoring highly in the “student mix”, “desirability” and “employer activity” categories. The smaller, but no less vibrant Australian capitals of Canberra and Brisbane came in 17th and 18th place respectively, beating out popular American locations like San Francisco and New York, as well as British student hubs Edinburgh and Manchester!


The global survey ranks cities based on five key categories including affordability, desirability, university ranking, student mix and employer activity. It weighs up the desirability of studying in each city, factoring in things like economic liveability data, safety statistics, social progress, opportunity, history, culture, pollution and corruption. The survey also includes the crucial factor of employer activities – this category weighs up the opinions of employers regarding the best institutions in each city as well as  employment statistics, particularly youth employment.


These exciting results confirm what Australian residents have already known – you can’t beat Australia for an excellent student experience! If you are looking to study abroad, then look no further than Australia! Our immigration lawyers and migration agents can assist you with preparing your student visa, advising you on the requirements for a skilled visa or managing the transition between the two. Call us for a consultation today!