The Migration Place can assist business migrants with everything from the visas through to networking with relevant industry contacts, company structures, asset protection and all business agreements. - Migration Place

The Migration Place is a division  of Irish Bentley Lawyers which specialises in providing results driven legal services to Australian businesses.

One case study is the Tomcar manufacturing business in Australia. which will become the first all-terrain vehicle to be manufactured in Australia, creating 50 direct jobs and an expected 300 downstream jobs for the automotive industry in Victoria.

Zeke Bentley met with the entrepreneurial Brim family in London in 2005 and since that time has helped the family secure permanent residency in Australia, and set up their entire car manufacturing business.

During this time, we have helped Tomcar establish links with key government departments, industry experts, and key contacts.

We have advised on tax issues, ADR compliance, asset protection, how to secure research and development grants, and the protection of valuable intellectual property.

We have successfully negotiated venture capital investment agreements, licensing agreements with international automotive companies based in Israel, India and the USA, and the overall liability issues associated with manufacturing in Australia generally, and with specific reference to the Trade Practices Act and its replacement, the Competition and Consumer Act.

We have successfully drafted manufacturing agreements and sponsorship contracts for the group and set up distribution agreements for the sale of the unique vehicles throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

At Irish Bentley Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing a holistic professional service aimed at helping you with your entire business affairs.

We are experienced in a broad spectrum of business law. If a legal matter falls outside our experience, then we will know who can assist, and we will advise you as part of our service.

We are very proud of the Tomcar business and the Brim family and wish the business all the success that this incredible product deserves.


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