Types of Australian Visas

Various Types of Australian Visas

There are many different types of Australian visas, depending on what your personal purposes are for going there.  There are visas for tourists, students, workers, and other reasons.  Also, some types of Australian visas are temporary, and others give permanent status.  The duration can range from a number of days, to a path to citizenship.

Before applying for anything, feel free to consult with the expert employees at The Migration Place.  We can discuss all of the different types of Australian visas with you, and we can help find the visa that is most appropriate for you.

Temporary Entry Visa

There are many types of Australian visas that only grant temporary status to the holder, but these can be easier to obtain.  However, being temporary, they are always limited to a very strict period of time.  In many cases of Australian migration, these allow the holder to bring certain family members with them, such as their partner and dependent children, but only for the duration of the visa.

Permanent Entry Visa

Although there are many Australian visa options that give permanent status, they can have more strict requirements.  On the other hand, they allow the holder to remain permanently in Australia, but they sometimes require a change in status after a few years.  So, they can be a good path to citizenship, and they often allow the holder to bring their immediate family, and sponsor other members of their family.

There are three main reasons why Australia grants permanent entry visas:

  • Skilled migration – the sponsor of the employee can vary, but the purpose is to bring workers with necessary skills
  • Family reunification – family members of those holding certain statuses can apply to join their relatives
  • Humanitarian reasons – visas are offered to those requiring asylum for various reasons

Visitor Visa

A visitor visa is generally for tourists or those visiting family members who reside in Australia.  As with all Australian visas, the difficulty of obtaining one of these often depends on the home country and the purpose of visit of the applicant.  In many cases, letters of invitation or travel itineraries will be part of the documentation required during the application.

Student Visa

Of all the types of Australian visas, the student visa is often regarded as the easiest one to obtain.  Also, it isn’t just for full-time students.  It can be for short studies, degrees of all levels, language learning courses, professional and vocational courses, and other forms of education.  Additionally, these can sometimes be extended into work or travel visas that will allow the holder to have a longer stay in Australia.

Work Visa

As mentioned previously, a work visa is granted to workers who have skills that are deemed necessary for Australia.  Basically, there are two main pathways to obtaining one of these.  First, a company is willing to sponsor you, and they can prove that it’s necessary to have you.  Second, a skill is in such high demand that the government will give you an invitation, and you can then apply for work.  Working visas can be permanent or temporary, depending on the situation.  All of this is based on specific lists that are constantly updated by the government of Australia, and an immigration expert could help you determine if you qualify for any existing needs.

Business Visa

Another major section in the types of Australian visas is reserved for those who are starting or running a business in Australia.  Additionally, it’s possible to get visas for other business related purposes, such as investing.  Unfortunately, these are not very simple to obtain because there is a significant amount of paperwork to prove the strict requirements are met.  This is another area where The Migration Place highly recommends you seek our help, because it will save your business an immense amount of time and money by taking advantage of our experience.

How to Apply

First, you will need to know what you are applying for, because the process varies for all the different types of Australian visas.  In many cases, applications can be completed online, but this isn’t always possible.  Also, sometimes you have to apply from inside Australia, outside, or it doesn’t matter.  As always, the immigration experts at The Immigration Place can help you through the whole process.

Types of Australian Visas:

  • 100 Australia Spouse Visa
  • 101 Australia Child Visa
  • 102 Australia Adoption Visa
  • 103 Australia Parent Visa
  • 110 Australia Interdependency Visa
  • 114 Australia Aged Dependent Relative
  • 115 Australia Remaining Relative Visa
  • 116 Australia Carer Visa
  • 117 Australia Orphan Relative Visa
  • 119 Australia Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa
  • 120 Australia Labour Agreement Visa
  • 121 Australia Employer Nomination Visa
  • 124 Australia Distinguished Talent Visa
  • 132 Australia Business Talent Visa
  • 134 Australia Skill Matching Visa
  • 143 Australia Contributory Parent Visa
  • 150 Australia FORMER CITIZEN Visa
  • 151 Australia Former Resident Visa
  • 155 Australia Five Year Resident Return Visa
  • 157 Australia Three Month Resident Return Visa
  • 159 Australia Provisional Resident Return Visa
  • 160 Australia Business Owner (Provisional) Visa
  • 161 Australia Senior Executive (Provisional) Visa
  • 162 Australia Investor (Provisional) Visa
  • 163 Australia State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (Provisional) Visa
  • 164 Australia State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (Provisional) Visa
  • 165 Australia State/Territory Sponsored Investor (Provisional) Visa
  • 173 Australia Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa
  • 175 Australia Skilled — Independent Visa
  • 176 Australia Skilled — Sponsored Visa
  • 300 Prospective Marriage Visa Australia
  • 309 Spouse (Provisional) Visa Australia
  • 310 Interdependency (Provisional) Visa Australia
  • 405 Investor Retirement Visa Australia
  • 417 Working Holiday Visa Australia
  • 418 Educational Visa Australia
  • 419 Visiting Academic Visa Australia
  • 420 Entertainment Visa Australia
  • 421 Sport Visa Australia
  • 422 Medical Practitioner Visa Australia
  • 423 Media and Film Staff Visa Australia
  • 442 Occupational Trainee Visa Australia
  • 444 Special Category Visa Australia
  • 445 Dependent Child Visa Australia
  • 456 Australia Business (Short Stay) Visa
  • 457 Australia Business (Long stay) Work Visa
  • 459 Australia Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay) Visa
  • 461 Australia New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa
  • 462 Australia Work and Holiday (Temporary) Visa
  • 470 Australia Professional Development Visa
  • 475 Australia Skilled — Regional Sponsored Visa
  • 476 Australia Skilled — Recognised Graduate Visa
  • 485 Australia Skilled — Graduate Visa
  • 487 Skilled — Regional Sponsored Visa Australia
  • 495 Australia Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) Visa
  • 496 Skilled — Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) Visa Australia
  • 497 Australia Graduate – Skilled Visa
  • 570 Australia Independent ELICOS Sector Visa
  • 571 Australia Schools Sector Visa
  • 572 Australia Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa
  • 573 Australia Higher Education Sector Visa
  • 574 Australia Postgraduate Research Sector Visa
  • 580 Australia Student Guardian Visa
  • 675 Australia Medical Treatment (Short Stay) Visa
  • 676 Australia Tourist Visa
  • 679 Australia Sponsored Family Visitor Visa
  • 685 Australia Medical Treatment (Long Stay) Visa
  • 801 Australia Spouse Visa
  • 802 Australia Child Visa
  • 804 Australia Aged Parent Visa
  • 814 Australia Interdependency Visa
  • 820 Australia Spouse Visa
  • 832 Australia CLOSE TIES Visa
  • 835 Australia Remaining Relative Visa
  • 836 Australia Carer Visa
  • 837 Australia Orphan relative Visa
  • 838 Australia Aged Dependent Relative Visa
  • 845 Australia Established Business in Australia Visa
  • 846 Australia State/Territory Sponsored Regional Established Business in Australia Visa
  • 855 Australia Labour Agreement Visa
  • 856 Australia Employer Nomination Scheme
  • 857 Australia Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • 858 Australia Distinguished Talent Visa
  • 861 Australia Skilled – Onshore Independent New Zealand Citizen Visa
  • 862 Australia Skilled – Onshore Australian-sponsored New Zealand Citizen Visa
  • 863 Australia Skilled – Onshore Designated Area-sponsored New Zealand Citizen Visa
  • 864 Contributory Aged Parent Visa Australia
  • 880 Skilled – Independent Overseas Student Visa Australia
  • 881 Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student Visa Australia
  • 882 Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student Visa Australia
  • 883 Skilled — Designated Area-sponsored (Residence) Visa Australia
  • 884 Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa Australia
  • 885 Skilled — Independent Visa Australia
  • 887 Skilled — Regional Visa Australia
  • 886 Skilled — Sponsored Visa Australia
  • 890 Business Owner Visa Australia
  • 891 Investor Visa Australia
  • 892 State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa Australia
  • 893 Australia State/Territory Sponsored Investor
  • 956 Australia Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant – Long Validity) Visa
  • 976 Australia Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor) Visa
  • 977 Australia Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant – Short Validity) Visa
  • 988 Australia Maritime crew Visa