Update on Priority Processing for Partner Visas - Migration Place

The current average processing time for partner visas is around 13 months from lodgement.

The average processing time and the actual processing time for each application may vary significantly.

Partly as a result of this strong increase in parent visa applications,  the DIAC now permit partner visas to be lodged as “assessment ready”, provided a registered migration agent confirms the visa is ready to grant.

Given the processing delays, the ability to lodge a partner visa as “assessment ready” is even more important for two reasons:

  1. It should speed up the processing time.
  2. Any issues or anomalies can be identified before your lodge.
  3. To minimize the chance of a refusal.

To ensure that your application is processed quickly, and correctly, it is important that you engage a registered and experienced migration lawyer who is eligible to lodge your partner visa as assessment ready.

Generally, applications are considered in date order.

Applications which will be prioritised include:

  1. Applications which are lodged as “assessment ready”;
  2. Applications which have been remitted following successful review or Ministerial Intervention; and
  3. Applications which have special circumstances of a compelling and compassionate nature.

It is important to lodge “assessment ready” applications as they will be processed more quickly, subject to a number of factors such as the need for further investigation or external checking.

Zeke Bentley is the principal migration lawyer of The Migration Place, and he can assist you with ensuring that your application is lodged “assessment ready”.

The migration rules change constantly and the process is getting harder each year, so we highlight the need to act quickly and with assistance of a registered and experienced migration lawyer.

Please contact The Migration Place on (07) 3891 3333 or by email at mail@themigrationplace.com for assistance or further information.