Update on SkillSelect - Migration Place


We have seen many changes in migration rules since we first started helping families migrate to Australia in 2002.

New systems always get a boost on processing time, and the new SkillSelect program is likely to lead to increased turnaround times.

We can help you to maximise your points on your EOI profile to ensure you get selected ASAP.

The most interesting developments in the new system since 1 July 2012 are this:

  1. More than 300 Australian businesses used the EOI to find workers to sponsor on 457 work visas.
  2. DIAC invited approximately 500 people to migrate in July, and then cranked up the process and invited almost 3000 people in August.
  3. Whilst only 60 points is now required to register an EOI profile, it looks like one really needs to have one of the following to receive a fast invite:
    1. 70-75 points.
    2. Sponsorship by a State or Australian business.
    3. To have a skill that is in demand – for example doctors, dentists and nurses received the bulk of the early invitations, followed by ICT analysts, programmers and accountants.

The below statistics provide further guidance on how to maximize your chances of receiving an invitation.

In July 2012:

  1. only 226 invitations were issued to the 8,261 EOIs submitted in July 2012.
  2. The lowest points score issued an invitation in July was 75.
  3. 90% of the invitations issued by The Federal Government were for a subclass 189 visa (skilled independent).
  4. The remaining 10% being for a subclass 489 skilled regional family-sponsored visa.
  5. The invitations were mainly made to healthcare professionals, followed by ICT analysts, programmers and accountants.
  6. 80% of invitations issued, were issued to applicants who had State or Territory government assistance, noting:
    1. South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia led the way in sending out subclass 190 visa invitations.
    2. Queensland was the only state not to issue a single nomination in July 2012.

In August 2012, the new system started to gain some momentum, as indicated by the following:

  1. 2,372 invitations were issued in August (as compared to 226 in July), broken down as follows:
    1. 1,100 were for points tested skilled migration.
    2. 1,238 people were invited to apply for sponsorship with a state or territory.
    3. 34 were invited to apply for a business innovation and investment visa.
  2. Around 300 employers have used the SkillSelect system.
  3. More than 4,500 skilled workers expressing interest in being contacted by an Australian employer.