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Australian Court Appeal Lawyer

The Migration Place can help you with all Court and tribunal matters:

  • Appealing a visa refusal or cancellation
  • Dealing with breaches of your visa conditions (eg an overstay)
  • Securing the waiver of your criminal record, or poor health
  • Expert Evidence in injury claims, criminal sentencing, and business disputes, where your visa is relevant

Our experienced migration lawyers have successfully Appealed visa decisions to the MRT, AAT and the Federal Court.

We are a division of Irish Bentley Lawyers and have the requisite experience in all legal matters to ensure you get the right advice and representation.

Need to Appeal a visa refusal or cancellation?

Call us now – the time period for Appeal can be as little as a week so act NOW.

We are experienced in all relevant Courts:

  • The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Migration Review Division)
  • The Federal Court of Australia
  • The High Court of Australia
  • The Family Law Court

For example, we often resolve overseas custody issues –where one parent resists allowing your child to join you in Australia.

We also assist UK Councils to relocate adopted and foster children to Australia.

Overstayed your visa, or breached your visa conditions, or need a 3 year ban removed?

  • We can go with you into the department to help deal with any issues (indeed we are next door to the Department and have been helping people with their visa issues since 2002).
  • We can arrange Bridging visas to help you to leave Australia legally, travel while you wait for a visa outcome, work in Australia, and more!
  • We can set out a complete strategy to achieve your future immigration goals and avoiding any future difficulties
  • Breaching your visa can result in a three year ban on any future visa applications, however we have successfully lodged legal submissions to the DIBP to remove this ban.

Need expert visa advice to help you with your other legal issues in the criminal or family Courts?

We are often engaged by Criminal Law Firms, Injury Law Firms, and Family Law Firms:

  • To provide expert evidence to their clients on migration rules, to help reduce the sentences handed down on criminal matters (to ensure the sentencing Judge takes into account how the sentence will also impact visa considerations) – this has become very relevant with the new character rules being strictly enforced
  • To arrange criminal justice visas (a visa available for people charged with Australian offences, who need a visa to stay in Australia to defend the charges)
  • To deal with any visa issues that are triggered by divorce or contested custody matters
  • To arrange bridging visas to allow people to deal with their separate legal affairs

Need to explain a criminal record, or poor health examination?

We are experienced in successfully lodging submissions:

  • Seeking a waiver of Health requirement
  • Seeking a waiver of Criminal History or Character requirements
  • Seeking a waiver of the English requirements
  • Seeking a waiver of Age requirements
  • Seeking a waiver of a No Study condition
  • Seeking a waiver of a No Further Stay condition

Need Expert Evidence in injury claims, and business disputes

Our lawyers provide expert evidence to prove a temporary visa holder had good prospects of securing permanent residency in:

  • Injury claims, to prove the visa holder ought receive the same compensation for their injury as an Australian
  • Business disputes, where one business partner does not hold a residency visa, or is in breach of his/her visa conditions
  • Criminal matters, where the effect upon someone’s visa status is relevant to sentencing.

You will have access to a team of experienced and qualified migration lawyers, who are confident and comfortable appearing in court.

The evidence of your expert witness can be crucial to winning your case, so do not leave things up to chance. Get in contact with our team today!

Awards Won

  • Finance Monthly – Law Awards 2017: Migration Law Firm of the Year – Australia
  • Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2016: Migration Lawyer of the Year
  • AI M&A Award 2015: Most Innovative Migration Firm Australia

What our Clients Say

"Hi Gabriella, just a quick note to say thank you very much. I really appreciate all the effort you put into my case. It's a great relief to finally get it all sorted. Yours very gratefully, John C."

John C.

"Dearest Gabriella. A very good morning to you. We had our Citizenship Ceremony on Australia day and had a great time. Just wanted to thank you and all for your help. Very much appreciated. Thanks. The Loh Family"

The Loh Family

"Good Evening Gabriella, Zeke and Mabruk, I would like to write to formally thank you guys for helping me with the Prospective Marriage Visa, Liberty and I are very grateful for your services, which we found was excellent and extremely professional. I would recommend Irish Bentley and The Migration Place anytime to anyone. I hope to work with you guys again for the permanent visa Thank you for your help and we greatly appreciate it. Brian and Liberty"

Brian and Liberty

"Gabriella, We cannot thank you enough for this. You have been absolutely amazing to deal with and so patient. We will absolutely give you a very positive review and will recommend you to anyone that is in need of an immigration lawyer. You have no idea happy this has made Ken and I, now we are able to start our life in Australia stress free. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH."

Julia and Ken

"Corina You’re a doll! Thank you so much for all your help with my 457 Visa, you really made my day/life! 🙂 Your kind assistance is truly and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, as always 🙂 N. Rikhi"

N. Rikhi
Federal Court Appeal Lawyer