What about a fair trial? - Migration Place

If you are not an Australian Citizen or PR and you have been refused or bypassed immigration clearance, you are not entitled to be told of your rights regarding making a visa application.  In these circumstances, you will be removed from Australia as soon as reasonably practicable.

Zeke Bentley, Principal of The Migration Place, feels that this is extremely unjust and offends the basic principles of the right to a fair hearing. Everyone has the right to tell their side of the story, and everyone deserves a fair trial.

Unfortunately, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection says that you will be removed from Australia ASAP if:

  • You are a non-citizen in immigration detention and do not apply for a visa despite being entitled to do so; or
  • A final determination has been made in relation to your visa application and you have not made another valid substantive visa application that could be granted while you are in the migration zone.

If you are convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to 1 or more years in prison, and have been in Australia for less than 10 years as a permanent resident, then you also risk deportation.  What people also don’t realise is that if you are detained, deported or removed from Australia, you will be liable to pay the government’s costs for that detention, deportation or removal.

If you or someone you love is at risk of being deported, please contact us NOW to find out how to secure your stay in Australia.