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  • Working Visa for Australia

    There are a lot of factors that go into getting a work visa for Australia, and there are many options to choose from, so you must decide which working visa you will apply for.  Certain qualifications enable you to be sponsored by a company, or in some cases, be invited to come by the Australian government.

    Because of how many options and choices there are, it’s recommended that you start the process by talking to an expert at The Migration Place to find out if you have any of the needed skills, or in some way qualify for one of the other working visas.  This can save you a great deal of time by not applying for something that you can’t get, or save you the trouble of missing out on your dream because you weren’t aware of another option.

    Working in Australia

    australian work visaAlthough the immigration process can be challenging and time consuming, it is worth it overall.  Living and working in Australia is a great way to experience the culture, do some traveling, and improve your English language skills.  However, before starting the process, it’s a good idea to establish a clear set of goals.  One of the most important things you must decide is if a temporary work visa is enough, or if you want to try to obtain permanent residency.

    Working and Living in Australia

    If you want to work in Australia, there are different options depending on how long you want to be there and exactly what you would like to do.  It varies greatly based on your particular situation, but there are a few common methods for obtaining working visas overseas.  First, there are options if you only need to have short visits for the purpose of business.  Next you can obtain a working visa if you want to start a new business in Australia, or if you’d like to manage an office of a company that is currently operating elsewhere.  Also, there are options for those who would like to invest substantial amounts of money into Australia.  Talking to an expert can help you navigate the different options and be able to apply for and receive your working visa faster than attempting the process by yourself.

    Most Common Australian Work Visa

    The most popular working visa in Australia is the 457 Visa or working visa 457.  It is a temporary skilled visa that allows someone who meets the requirements to come to Australia for up to four years, if they have a company willing to sponsor them.  It has many general requirements, such as English language certification, relevant experience, necessary licenses for the profession, and a high enough salary to be paid by the sponsoring company.  It also enables holders of this working visa to bring their direct family members, and there are possibilities to apply for permanent residence before the expiration date.

    Australian Worker Visa

    For people who don’t possess specific and useful skills, there are other options to get a working visa.  For example, there are some working holiday visas that are available to young people (with a maximum age limit), and they can live and work in Australia for up to a year.  These are popular, and are encouraged by the government because they allow for greater cultural exchange and closer ties between various countries.

    Australian Professional Visa

    For people with highly desired and needed skills, there are more options.  The 457 working visa was already discussed, but for skills that are desperately needed, there is an independent visa (Australian Professional Visa) that allows people to come and work temporarily in Australia if they can pass an assessment exam.  Also, if a specific state or region is in need of a special skill, there are additional ways that they can invite a qualified individual to obtain a working visa, even on a permanent basis.

    Australian Work Visa Tax Deduction

    If an employee pays the visa fees, then they cannot generally be deducted for tax purposes.  However, if the employer pays for the visa, then there are certain cases where it could be used as a deduction.  This is just one of many examples of knowledge that The Migration Place has that can help you further benefit while applying for your working visa to Australia.