Year of the Monkey Discount - Migration Place

Year of the Monkey Discount 2GONG XI FA CAI! – Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Fire Monkey!

To celebrate the New Year, The Migration Place has made three offers available until 30 March 2016’:

  • Offer One: we will assess your visa eligibility for a fixed price of $168 (our normal fixed price is $300) provided you send us your details (and payment) before 30 March 2016’.
  • Offer Two: we will discount our normal fixed price by 10% discount on all visa applications, provided you pay the initial deposit before 8 march 2016.
  • Offer Three: If you refer a friend through, who proceeds with an application before 30 March 2016, then we will give you a $500 credit towards any legal advice or work that you need – The Migration Place is affiliated with Irish Bentley Lawyers, who specialise in helping clients with all legal services.

All you need to do is to quote this promotion code when you contact us at



Year of the Monkey DiscountAbout the Chinese New Year

The Chinese zodiac is made up of 12 animals, and the monkey is the 9th in the cycle.

This monkey year is a fire monkey year – which is associated with the start of an era of building, creating and forging ahead. The space age began in 1956 which was also a fire monkey year.

It is a year to hurdle obstacles and to reach for the stars. Expect to see innovative developments in the sciences, technology, education, commerce and the performance arts.
It’s a year of opportunity and passions, and a roller-coaster ride of the senses, where you (hopefully) just need to hang on and surrender to the journey!

People born in the monkey year will be 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60….It’s best to take nothing for granted with monkeys. The Monkey is wise but also unpredictable, and given to bouts of jealousy, suspicion or temper tantrums. discount!