Australian Permanent Residency: The Sooner, the Better! - Migration Place

As is the case with all visas, the sooner you obtain Australian Permanent Residency, the better off you will be.

Although there are many reasons for this, here are a few of the major ones:

1. You start generating a good credit rating for credit cards, car loans, housing loans etc.

2. It begins the process of being eligible for citizenship, getting an Australian passport, enjoying the protections afforded by our Constitution, and being able to vote on our government.

3. It also sets up social security rights like unemployment benefits and the pension.

4. You enjoy local education rates, and become eligible for grants and stamp duty concessions.

5. You can sponsor other people to help them get a visa – for example your parents, or a foreign partner.

6. Employers want employees with Permanent Residency, so your career prospects will improve.

7. You can be the sole Director of an Australian company.

8. Certain careers require Permanent Residency, especially in government (although there are many other professions available).

9. There is far more security in a Permanent Residency visa compared to a temporary visa. Temporary visas are easier to cancel (the Department of Home Affairs has been cancelling temporary visas over allegations of criminal conduct, even where they have not yet been proven).

10. The Department of Home Affairs seems fixated on changing the rules of partner visas, and in particular:

a. They have set quotas for each visa category (so only so many get granted each year);

b. The visa intake has reduced to 165,000 per year (for ALL visa categories…noting a few years ago, almost 300,000 were granted each year);

c. The prices keep rising;

d. The requirements keep increasing, as does the scrutiny on each application;

e. You need to satisfy the health test at the time, so if you are healthy now, get it now, as an adverse health issue may obstruct securing Permanent Residency later; and

f. The character provisions are being more strictly enforced and there is always a risk of a wrongful charge being made against you, or some unusual thing happening (e.g. you stupidly drink drive and cause an injury to someone – this can lead to jail time, the cancellation of your visa and your deportation).

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