Skilled Visa
Trades, professions and other skills.
Regional and State Sponsored.

Work Visas
Do you have an Australian business that will sponsor your work visa?

Visas for Couples
Do you have an Australian partner?
Fiance, Defacto, Marriage Visas.

Visas for People Aged 55+
Retirement visas.
Parent Visas.

Investor & Business Visas
Do you have $1m+ of investments?
Does your business turnover A$300k p.a.?

Other Visas
Distinguished Talent Visas. Family Visas.
Student Visas. Travel Visas.

  • For a full legal advice on your eligibility and options - please click here and provide your details.
  • Our professional fee for most visa applications is fixed at only $5,000.
  • We use registered migration lawyers, and we have helped hundreds of families migrate to Australia.
  • Zeke Bentley (MARA 0213707) became a solicitor in 1996, and a registered agent in 2002.
  • We are experienced in complex cases, MRT Reviews and handle any custody, health or criminal record issues.
  • We abide by the MARA Code of Conduct, and guarantee our work with a 50% refund policy.
  • We are part of Irish Bentley Lawyers and advise on tax and stamp duties, business law, and other legal issues.
  • An experienced registered lawyer ensures that your application will be granted quickly and successfully.
  • Unsuccessful applications can destroy your dreams of migrating to Australia - use a registered migration lawyer.
  • Apply ASAP as the process gets harder every month – contact us to get your visa application lodged ASAP.

What our Clients Say

Zeke - Thank you so very much for this wonderful news!!! Words don't seem to be able to express enough our gratitude to you and your team.
Nima and I are so very appreciative and relieved - and emotional! :) Thank you to everyone who has supported us through our application for Nima's permanent residency. Thank you for your hard work.–Kind Regards,

Thank you very much for all your help on securing my 457 Visa by arranging all the paperwork for me, and ensuring it was granted so quickly! – Seamus Kelly

Dear Corina
That's really amazing news!! You and Hannah has been doing really good job. I'm so please to hear it. Thank you so much and definitely I will use or recommend your service in the future for any immigration case. –Kind Regards
Sandra Devi

Thank you so much for your help both of you, you've been awesome!

You’ve made my dream of living in Australia come true, where other migration agents gave me no chance!
Thankyou! –Josef Wetterqvist

Hi Corina, Thanks again for all your work on this, there was a really fast turnaround between us submitting all our documents and you being in a position to lodge. It means a lot to us that you are working so hard to reunite us. Its very much appreciated. –Kind Regards Niall

Corina! I can't believe it! Amazing news. Thank you so much to you and Zeke for everything you have done. Thank you so much again! –Kind Regards, Ciara

Thanks so much for all your help and work - you have been brilliant! –Simon

You have provided an exemplary service and really changed our lives – particularly David’s life – for the better. Your immediate grasp of the situation and prompt attention were stunningly different to our previous experiences. Thank you very much again and all the best for the future! –Mandy

We really appreciated your professionalism and your standard of service. I heard so many stories of people who had to give up their dream of living in Australia because of their migration agent's lack of professionalism. As I have been always 100% satisfied with The Migration Place, I would like to give other people the opportunity to be professionally assisted by your migration lawyers. –Roberto Voltolina

You are a wizard....what you have achieved will change our lives!!.. for me it is twice in less than one year a specialist with a group of professionals has turned my life around against the odds .. and some people say I’m unlucky … just can’t see it … –David Keys

Dear Corina, what a great news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy with the news !!!! Thank you immensely for your assistance, Happy 2013 !!! Once again !!! THANK YOU . –Tracey Thi Hoai Tram Le

Dear Zeke, This is the best Xmas present ever! Adriana and I are extremely happy. I would like to thank you and your team for everything. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. –Luiz Augusto (Guto) F. Carneiro

Dear Corina, I still can’t believe that my 457 visa was granted so quickly! Thank you so much for this excellent news and for all your assistance. Roberto and I are very grateful for your advises and recommendations. This will make us able to relax for a while :) – Kind Regards, Valentina & Roberto

Engaging The Migration Place for my company and for my brother was one of the best decisions that I made last year – thankyou. –Aristeo

Dear Corina, I'm so happy for the news of my 457 visa grant and I want to say thank you so much for your job and all of your assistance during my 457 visa application process. –Yours Faithfully Ruben F.v

My wife and I are finally together after such a long time, and I don't have the words to explain how happy I am right now for all the help you have provided! Thank you very much Corina for your all of your support – this is a perfect gift for me on this Diwali and New Year. Once again, thank you very much and please give my thanks to Zeke as well. –With regards, Harman and Kiranjit Kaur

Dear Corina/Zeke Thank you so much. This is really much appreciated. You have no idea how happy Frandy was when I spoke to him a while ago. IBL did not only added one happy client onto your book but you have fulfilled a long last dream and made it came true for the Perez' family. I am a very happy customer and will definitely spread the news to whoever might require your service in the future. I know this is just the start of our long lasting good business relationship/partnership and many more yet to come. Once again, I can't thank you enough for this excellent news that you have just broke in. Regards, –Aristeo Perez

I am very happy to know that my visa is approved . First of all I want To thank you , coz its ur efforts & advice that we succeeded .. Thank u very much –Kind regards Achint

Your advice and guidance has been clear, and concise. In just a few brief emails, you clearly explained my options, and removed the confusion that resulted from endless calls with the Department of Immigration. Thank you so much. –Lisa Wasonga

Thanks mate, we really appreciate your efforts, I suddenly feel 50kgs lighter. I would also like to pay special praise to Corina’s efforts in helping us out, her constant feedback, support and all round efforts has been extra ordinary and we are really grateful to her for that service. –Kind Regards, Craig

Dear Corina Extremely thankful for your help with my 457 file. I was desperately looking for it! I really appreciate the help and support that you provided at your end. Also, kindly convey my thanks to Zeke as well. –Regards, Randeep

I just want to thank you for all your help with my partner visa application – you have been so wonderful and helpful, and it’s such great news… just brilliant! Thanks a million Corina, thank you so much. –Sean

Thank you so much for that great news!!! I can’t believe that the visa was granted within one week of being lodged! We are so relieved and delighted that the visa has come through. It's really the best news. Thanks again Zoe for all your help. We look forward to our new life in Australia. –Julie Birmingham

Yay!! Thank you Corina, we are both so excited that everything is starting to fall into place!! Thanks again Corina for this exciting news!! –Amanda and Brandon

Hi Corina, That's so great! We can't thank you enough for all of your help and how quickly you organised everything for us. Kind Regards –Clara

Dear Corina, Thank you for your email . What a great news !!!! I just called Mr Huynh . He was greatly pleased with the news. Once again , Thank you to you and Zeke for the wonderful support and guidance on this application. Kind regards, –Tracey Thi Hoai Tram Le

Thank you to everyone at the Migration Place! Without you we'd be nothing...xx –David Brim, Director, Tomcar Australia.

The fantastic team who are helping me stay in the country! Thanks guys :) –Ben Southall

I have spoken with many migration agents and even lawyers in the past few years and you were the only one who presented me different options in a clear and objective way. –Kind regards, Elizabeth Alcantarino

The attorney in Australia that did my visa is Zeke Bentley. If ever there are loop holes in the rules to get someone in, he knows them. –Dianne Theron

Thank you SO much for everything you have handled for me and for all the effort you put into this application! I have referred quite a few people in South Africa to your practice, and told them that if anyone will find a way, you will! –Dianne Theron

Thank you once again. I do believe it wouldn’t have been possible if you had not put it on high priority. –Vipin

Thank you very much for all your help. The social work team is delighted that everything is okay and that the visa application has been dealt with so quickly! –Kind regards, Sarah

All the best and thanks again, words can never fully express the appreciation for the efforts put into this whole process and for all the support from all parties involved! –Cheers, Brad Hancock

I just want to thank you all very much for your efforts in attaining the visa. Great result! –Cheers, Simon.

Thank you Zeke, Lena, and the rest of the staff at Irish Bentley for making this happen. Thanks for all the help and support. Looking forward to working with you again for my next step. –Cheers, Odon

Thank you very much for all your hard work and help in making all this possible!!! It is greatly appreciated! –Warm regards, Natalia Stace

Zeke!!! THANK YOU!!!!! You can imagine how happy I am!!! I would like to thank you, Lena and your team for all you have done. I owe you this one mate! –Regards, Luiz

Zeke!!!!!!!! I am in tears, thank you so much to you and your team for all you have done, the worry is over and we can begin our lives. –Best Regards, Genevieve Aslett

Thanks to all at Irish Bentley, you've done us proud. Thank you for your patience answering a thousand E-mails. We are over the moon! And yes the champagne will be cracked!!!! –John & Family

Thanks to all Irish Bentley Lawyers hard working staff members for your thorough and dedicated work in completing my parents' visa application forms and promptly assisting me with my inquiries. With your help I hope my family will be together at last. Thank you again for all your help, patience and understanding. –Kind regards, Natalia and Andrew

Hi Zeke, This is indeed very good news. Joel and I sincerely thank you and Lena for all you efforts towards this outcome. Thanks for all you have done. –Kind regards, Stan Monteiro

I have received my student visa and am truly happy! I thank you very much for all your kind help in making this possible. –Thanks and regards, Brian A. Fernandes

I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous job you did. Your time, experience & kindness were greatly appreciated. –Melody Harris

A heart felt thanks to everyone in your office for all your help and advice. We cut it very thin in getting our application in before my 30th birthday and had we gone with a traditional migration agent, I feel sure we wouldn't have made it in time. –All the best for now, Scott & Susan

YOU LITTLE RIPPER I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team. You all made the process as smooth and as quick as possible. Zeke you're a legend –Jason Philip

Thanks so much! We are absolutely stunned it has come through already! We can’t thank you enough for your help and all your patience! We will be in touch as we may need more of your services. –Regards, Helen (Blenkinsop)

Thank you for the excellent results that you have been helping to deliver – you make it extremely easy to sing your praises to clients. –Kind regards, Tony Morris

Thank you very much for all your efforts of getting our visa completed, and for helping us setting up in Australia. With this you have created a great opportunity for us to make a start in Australia. –Friendly regards, Kees & Lisette and kids

Wow! Wow! And wow! Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your help and support - it really is appreciated! –Evan (Harding)

I would like to sincerely thank you for all the assistance with our visa applications. I do believe this was a very difficult one given the complexity of the case. I also wish to thank you for all your patience in dealing with all our questions. When given the opportunity I will most certainly recommend your services to friends. –Regards, Ruby (Wallace)

We are over the moon! We are on Cloud 10!! A tremendous thank you to you and your team for the confidence you’ve had in us and for all you’ve done for us in this matter. I look forward to your further advices in due course. –Sincere regards, Ron (& Joy Wynter)

Thank you very much for helping us migrate to Australia as permanent residents. You and your colleagues were superb in helping us doing this, and within a very reasonable time, somewhat quicker than all the horror stories that we had been told about by many others. Once again thank you all for helping us with this. –Best Regards, Steve & Niki (Cork)

Thank you for all the hard work Irish Bentley has put into getting our Visa's. It took us by surprise. We were not expecting to hear anything for another few months. –Kindest regards, Kerrie & Simon (Knowles)

We would like to thank you and your team again for the great support during the whole application process. Everything has gone so smoothly! We're looking forward to our future in Australia. –Kerstin and Stuart (Wagner?)

We would like to thank you for all your help, friendliness and professionalism during this very trying time of ours. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, IRISH BENTLEY LAWYERS is wonderful. –Kind Regards, Trish (Cerff)

We have just gotten visas evidenced into our passports! Thank you for your services. Should we require any additional services in the future, we shall contact you. –Regards, Ken & Norraihan

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation and thanks for your professional services rendered, without which we may not have considered applying. We wish you and your firm every success in all your undertakings. –Sincerely, Adrian Leong & Alice Ho

Thanks so much. I was not expecting on getting an answer before June, but this is a real surprise. I look forward to the 2nd stage. –Best regards, Ricarda Rammanhor

We received our passports back today with our visa’s. Still cannot believe we are going. We would just like to say a big thank you for making our dreams come true! –Many thanks, Nadine, Tony, Jordan and Olivia

Irish Bentley has supported me all the way through my visa application, helping me achieve my goals and become part of Australia. There are not enough compliments to express how grateful I will always be to Zeke Bentley and his team. They truly have changed my life. I always recommend their services to everyone I know. When dealing with your life decisions, you have to choose the best. Luckily, I found them on time. Thanks Irish Bentley! –Cesar Vieira