Australian Services - Migration Place

Post Visa Legal Services

The Migration Place is the dedicated visa division of Irish Bentley Lawyers, which has been assisting people to migrate to Australia since 2002.

We have helped our clients establish businesses in Australia in agriculture, mining, construction, the car manufacturing, franchising and hospitality.

We identify and advise on the best way to approach your move to Australia, and can assist with almost every issue:

  • Drafting a new Will under Australian law to ensure your bequests to your beneficiaries are protected, and that we minimise the chance of any duty being levied in their home country against the Estate.
  • Arranging a valid power of attorney document for Australian transactions, and advising on advanced health directives (setting out what you want to happen if you are in a coma for example).
  • Conducting residential and commercial conveyancing including securing FORB approval before your visa is granted, and conducting large property transactions such as hotel conveyances or major M&A work.
  • Setting up asset protection structures.
  • Advising on capital gains tax, income tax, superannuation requirements, and stamp duty.
  • Drafting joint ownership agreements and shareholder agreements.
  • Arranging advice on planning and building opportunities, and facilitating same.
  • All types of commercial agreements including:
    –¬†Registering and protecting your intellectual property (we have an in-house trademark attorney).
    – Shareholder and business agreements.
    – Business purchases.
    – Tax law and tax structures, with advices on any tax residency law or international law issues.
    – Consumer law.
    – Labour and HR law.
    – Construction law.
    – Applying for government grants such as the research and development grant, the various grants and government loans available to farmers.
  • All Court work – including debt recovery, insolvency, commercial disputes, and any issues that may arise with the police, or any government body.

Please note that if you quote this page when we send you our retainer for our visa work, then we will include a free advice session with us when your visa is granted.

Other Services

We can assist you with almost every aspect of your migration to Australia – including:

  • deciding where to live and where to send your kids to school.
  • introducing you to industry peers and contacts.
  • referring you to recommended financial advisors, employment recruiters, real estate agents, accountants, banks, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers.
  • conducting due diligence on business purchases.
  • arranging experts in town planning to discuss development potentials.
  • Arranging agricultural experts to assist you with information on soil fertility, water supply, and other agricultural issues.
  • Assisting with applications for government grants and subsidies and loans.