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An Australian sponsored visa is a visa for a non-resident of Australia to be sponsored by an employer to come and work in Australia. Australian Sponsored visas require applications on behalf of both the visa application and the sponsoring employer. If managed correctly, a sponsored visa can be a pathway to permanent residency and Australian citizenship.

Employer sponsored visas can be both temporary and permanent visas and can allow you to stay in Australia for any period ranging from one day to a permanent stay.

The most popular visas that you can be sponsored for include;

Other visas that you can be sponsored for include the Entertainment visa, the Training and Research visas, the Religious Worker visa, the Sports visa, the Superyacht Crew visa. There are also some very niche sponsored visas which can allow you to do things like work for a senior foreign executive or participate in a staff exchange or professional development course. At The Migration Place, our migration experts are skilled in finding novel visa solutions – the possibilities are endless!

If you sponsor a person for an Australian sponsored visa, you will have to meet certain sponsorship obligations. Some of these obligations might continue to apply even after your sponsorship of the visa applicant has ended. These obligations vary from visa to visa, but most sponsors have to cooperate with Department inspectors, make sure the visa applicant is working under equivalent terms and conditions of employment, keep records, keep the Department updated, make sure the sponsored person continues to do the tasks they have been sponsored for, pay travel costs for the sponsored person to leave Australia, and more.

If you want to be sponsored for migration to Australia, there are many different requirements for each different Australian sponsored visa

Generally, you will need to prove;

  • your command of English is at least functional
  • you have the skills required to work in your nominated occupation
  • you are of the correct age
  • you pass health and character tests

However, while these guidelines apply to most Australian sponsored visa types, exceptions exist to every criteria! So, if you are worried you might not meet the requirements, make sure to get in touch with our experienced immigration lawyers today for help with securing your sponsored visa!

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