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Purpose of the Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457

The Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457, also known by the more formal name of the temporary work visa subclass 457, is a temporary work visa that allows skilled workers to work for up to four years in Australia.  It is intended to enable businesses to hire foreign workers when they can’t find an Australian who has the necessary knowledge and skill sets for the position.  The number of approved visas is uncapped, so there tends to be a higher number granted during strong economic times.

Because this visa requires two parties, it is a more complicated application process than many other types.  However, The Migration Place has plenty of experience in helping businesses and skilled workers apply for it, and our staff can help you complete the process as quickly and easily as possible.

Employer Sponsorship for the Visa Subclass 457

The 457 visa is a two-sided process, because an employer must nominate a skilled worker before they are able to apply.  Unfortunately, before and an employer can officially nominate a potential employee, they must become an approved sponsor business.  As the Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457 can be a slow process because of the bureaucratic procedures, it’s highly recommended to enlist the help of experts to make sure not too much time elapses between finding the skilled employee and being able to hire them.

Eligibility for the Visa Subclass 457

There are certain requirements that all applicants must meet before they will be able to obtain the Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457.  The following list shows some of them and gives slight background information:

  • Approved occupations:  the Australian government keeps a list of occupations that qualify
  • Skill requirements: each occupation requires specific qualifications and experience, and the applicant must meet these
  • Registration and licensing:  you must prove that you hold, or will be able to get, any necessary requirements for the position
  • English language knowledge:  depending on the position, you will need to prove (through exam certifications) that you are capable of varying levels of English
  • Health requirements:  you must have health examinations to prove your medical state is adequate
  • Health insurance:  if not covered by Medicare, you will have to purchase your own health insurance
  • Character and security:  you must provide legal records from former places you have lived

It must be noted that most of these requirements vary depending on the exact position that is being applied for, so it’s not possible to give an extensive list covering all requirements.

Employment Allowances and Restrictions

Through the 457 visa, you are only allowed to work for the company that has sponsored you.  However, the visa grants you most of the same workplace rights and protections that apply to citizens and permanent residents of Australia.  Also, there are other visas and immigration methods that can be attempted once the maximum time of four years is finished, so it’s possible that companies can keep their foreign employees if necessary.  But, this various tremendously depending on the situation, and is another time when an expert in immigration law can assist.

Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457 Application Process

You can be inside or outside of Australia when applying for the Temporary Work Visa Subclass 457.  Both you and your sponsor must prepare all necessary documents, and the whole process can be done through the immigration website.

457 Visa Costs

The costs of obtaining the visa depend on a large number of other factors, but if you contact The Migration Place, we can help you determine an estimated number so you can plan your budget.  Furthermore, having professional assistance will ensure that money will not be wasted while attempting to get incorrect or unnecessary documents by either the sponsor company or the visa applicant.

Bringing Family Members

You can also apply to bring your partner, dependent children, and any other dependent family members with you to Australia.  They will also have to provide information about their health and security backgrounds, as well as obtain health insurance.  Additionally, your sponsor must agree to make them secondary sponsored persons while staying with the 457 visa.  For this reason, it’s best to make sure from the start that both parties know about any dependent family members that intend to accompany the applicant.

Denials and Appeals

If the Australian government denies the application, they will give the reason why it was declined and information about the appeals process.  This can be a very difficult situation for those not familiar with it, and The Migration Place highly recommends seeking our services to help work towards a successful appeal.

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