MARA Code Of Conduct - Migration Place

To see a copy of the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents, please visit the Migration Agents Registration Authority Website.

What is the MARA Code of Conduct?

The Migration Agents Registration Authority (the Authority) is responsible for administering the Code. This Code of Conduct (the Code) is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents.

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Who does the MARA apply to?

The Code applies to an individual who is listed in the Register of Migration Agents kept by the Authority under section 287 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Migration Act)

What is the purpose of the code?

The aims of the Code are:

  • (a) to establish a proper standard for the conduct of a registered migration agent;
  • (b) to set out the minimum attributes and abilities that a person must demonstrate to perform as a registered migration agent under the Code, including:
  • (i) being a fit and proper person to give immigration assistance;
  • (ia) being a person of integrity and good character;
  • (ii) knowing the provisions of the Migration Act and Migration Regulations, and other legislation relating to migration procedure, in sufficient depth to offer sound and comprehensive advice to a client, including advice on completing and lodging application forms;
  • (iii) completing continuing professional development as required by the Migration Agents Regulations 1998;
  • (iv) being able to perform diligently and honestly;
  • (v) being able and willing to deal fairly with clients; Code of Conduct | 4
  • (vi) having enough knowledge of business procedure to conduct business as a registered migration agent, including record keeping and file management;
  • (vii) properly managing and maintaining client records;

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