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Our registered migration lawyers are experienced in handling complex cases (including any custody, health or criminal record issues). We abide by the MARA Code of Conduct and the guidelines set by the Queensland Law Society.

Our competitive fixed price includes a post visa conference with Irish Bentley Lawyers to help you to understand Australian tax, business law, and other legal issues.

Our goal is to ensure that your application is granted quickly and successfully with minimal stress on your part. The process gets harder every month – contact us to get your visa application lodged ASAP.

Types of Visas

Clients often ask us, “What type of visa do I need for Australia?”

There is no easy answer to this question.

The Australian immigration system is complex. You may be eligible for several visas, therefore we carefully assess which visa is the best fit for you by looking at your age, health, business skills, qualifications, and work experience.

What type of visa you will need for Australia will depend on such things as your qualifications, your work history, your family members, your partner, your children, your assets and your age.

We then assess your eligibility for various types of visas, and advise you on the best visa strategy to adopt to migrate to Australia. If you have multiple options available to you, we will provide information on the quickest and easiest pathway to permanent residency.

Some of the many types of visas available include:

Types of Visas & citizenship

There are currently 4 different types of skilled migrant visas which you can apply for.


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