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Australian Skilled Migration Visa Overview

If you’re interested in moving to Australia, there are many different ways you could go about it.  But, one of the easiest, and most successful, methods is by obtaining an Australian skilled migration visa.

The whole concept of Australian skilled migration is designed to bring trained workers to the country, and the number of openings and types of professions often change.  This is because of supply and demand, and the government attempts to bring as many people are needed without flooding the current market.

Our experts at The Migration Place are very capable of helping you through this process.  We’re very experienced in helping people obtain many different Australian skilled visa types, and we can make the process as efficient as possible.

Australian Skilled Visa Categories

Basically, there are four different categories of Australian skilled migration visa pathways that could be followed.

First, there is the point-based skill migration method which is probably the most common.  This process requires the applicant to take a points test, and they must achieve a certain number of points to be able to qualify.  However, it contains a broad range of options, and the applicant could be sponsored by a company, branch of the government, or even an eligible relative.

Next is the Permanent Employer Sponsored Programme.  Under this method, employers have the ability to nominate foreign workers to receive permanent residency so the applicant can work for them.  Again, there are multiple different types of pathways under this stream, and they depend on whether or not the applicant is in Australia and other similar factors.

The third method is the Business Innovation and Investment Programme.  This one is meant for entrepreneurs and other innovative thinkers.  Applicants need to have proved themselves in the past, and they will have to show that they will benefit the Australian economy as a whole.

The last method is for people who have proven themselves as a distinguished talent in their field.  This one is fairly rare, and it generally applies to athletes, musicians, designers, and other similar professions.

Is my occupation on the Australian skilled list?

This is a question that we hear very often:  Is my occupation on the Australian skilled list?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t usually very simple.  The first complication is because there are two different lists, the Skilled Occupation List and the Consolidated Sponsor Occupation List.  The list that needs to be followed depends on which visa you are intending to apply for.

The other big complication is a result of the lists being updated.  Since the positions are determined by the needs of the market, they are frequently updated.  So, you may qualify for a position that could soon close, or you might only have a short wait before something opens that fits your profile.

Application Process

One bit of good news is that much of the Australian skilled migration process can be done online (in most cases).  The government maintains an online system that allows the applicant to fill out their profile, submit an expression of interest, and complete other steps of the application.

However, be very careful to not confuse the ease of the application with the complexity of the overall strategy.  You are most likely to find success if you follow a plan.  For example, certain types of applications are given priority, so you are more likely to get a positive response if you apply for these.  An immigration expert can be extremely valuable for this.

We Can Help with Australian Skilled Migration

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and there are many benefits to working with our experts.  For example, our knowledge and expertise can help you be sure you qualify for the specific visa you are applying for, and we can make sure that there isn’t an even better type for your situation.  On the other hand, if you don’t qualify for what you want, we can help you search for an alternative migration solution.  Even if you can’t get an Australian skilled visa, we may be able to help you find another pathway.  Additionally, no matter what visa you choose, we can also help you establish a long-term plan to stay in Australia.

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