Changes to the 187 RSMS Visa for Certificate IV holders - Migration Place

For Level 3 occupations such as cook and carpenter, the qualification requirement as stated by ANZSCO (the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) is a Certificate III with two years of on-the-job training, a Certificate IV, or three years of relevant work experience.

Strangely, Departmental policy has dictated that applicants for the 187/RSMS Visa who hold a Certificate IV and have nominated a level 3 occupation also require an additional two years of work experience to meet the qualification requirement of the visa.

This policy was recently changed, and now applicants with a Certificate IV for a Level 3 occupation no longer need the extra work experience to demonstrate that they are sufficiently qualified for the 187/RSMS Visa.

Corina Chen, senior associate at The Migration Place, has welcomed the removal of this policy, as it was unnecessarily limiting for applicants and went against the purpose of the 187 Visa, which is to encourage skilled workers to live and work in areas of regional Australia where employers are struggling to find suitably skilled employees.

The 187/RSMS Visa gives the holder permanent residency and the employer has no residual obligations to the employee after the visa grant as opposed to the 457 Visa, thus it can be an attractive visa options for both employees and employers alike.

If you are a Certificate IV holder who could not previously apply for the 187/RSMS Visa due to the extra work experience requirement, please get in contact with us today either by calling us on (07) 3229 4025, or by sending an email to, to ensure that your permanent residency is secured before the influx of applications from those others who also could not previously apply.