Applying For Australian Citizenship - Requirements

Australian Citizenship Overview

Many people would love to live in Australia, and becoming a citizen is the wisest course of action for anyone planning a long-term move.  However, applying for Australian citizenship is a complicated process, and there are many strict requirements involved.  Also, it generally takes many years from start to finish, so it’s a really good idea to have an overall strategy in place from the very beginning.

If you find yourself confused about how to get Australian citizenship, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We have extensive experience in giving Australian citizenship support, and we would be more than happy to help you through the process.

How to Get Australian Citizenship

The overall process of obtaining Australian citizenship can basically be broken down into four main steps.

The first step in the process is to determine whether or not you are actually eligible.  If you aren’t, it would be a waste of time to apply now, but you can start planning for the future!

Next, once you have determined that you are in fact eligible for Australian citizenship, you will need to collect the original copies of all necessary documents.  The third step is closely related to this one, because you will need to get copies of all of these.  However, this is not as easy as it sounds because there are very strict requirements about getting the appropriate certifications to prove that everything is genuine and correct.

Finally, you simply combine all of the materials, fill out the necessary forms, and lodge the application.  Also, you must be physically in Australia when the official decision is made.

Residence Requirements for Australian Citizenship

As with all aspects of this application, these can vary slightly depending on your situation.  However, it is usually the case that anyone applying for Australian citizenship must have been a permanent resident who lived in Australia for the four years directly before the application.  Also, the applicant must not have been out of Australia for more than a year during that time, and the last year they can’t have been abroad for more than 90 days.

On the other hand, there are many exceptions to these rules, especially if you were required to be abroad for work reasons.  An immigration expert can help you find a way to justify this and remain eligible for Australian citizenship.

Documents Needed for Australian Citizenship Application

Again, the documents needed for applying for Australian citizenship can differ significantly depending on your situation, but we will give you a general idea of what is required.

First, you will need a document to prove your identity, and it must have your photograph or signature.  Some examples of this are a passport or national identity card.  Next, you must give something to prove you live where you say you do, and this can usually be something like an electric bill or rental contract.  Also, you will have to show your birth certificate and any information about name changes that you’ve gone through.  Additionally, you will need to show something to prove when you originally arrived in the country.

Our experts have a lot of experience with these documents, so we can help you make sure you have the correct versions and that you get the proper certifications on the copies.

Identity Declaration

If you are over the age of 18 when applying for Australian citizenship, you will need to have someone act as a reference to confirm your identity.  This person must be an Australian citizen who has known you for more than a year, but they cannot be related to you.

Application Denial

There are many different reasons why an application for Australian citizenship may be denied, but there are a few that we should highlight because they are very common and hard to get around.  First, if your identity cannot be verified for any reason, the application will be denied.  Next, you must be present in Australia when the decision is made, and it will be denied if you are not (there are special circumstances where you can appoint someone else to be there for you).  Third, your application will not be approved if you have previously been an Australian citizen within the past year.  Finally, having certain criminal history or security threats can cause your application to be denied.

Australian Citizenship Support

The pathway to citizenship is long and complicated, and this article only touches on some of the main points.  However, if you are considering applying for Australian citizenship if you are seeking any help with the process, our experts at The Migration Place can offer all of the Australian citizenship support that you need.

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