Australia to Expand Working Holiday Visa Program - Migration Place

Australia’s Working Holiday Maker program granted over 258,000 visas last year, growing close to 16%, and the Australian Government is considering changes to expand it further.

The Department of Immigration is currently in the process of negotiating new and more liberalised Working Holiday Maker visa arrangements with thirteen new partner countries including Poland, Mexico, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam, San Marino, the Czech Republic, Israel, Latvia, the Slovak Republic and Andorra.

Speaking recently at the Transport and Tourism Forum in Canberra, the Minister for Immigration, Scott Morrison, noted calls from the tourism sector to improve the program.

“I am aware that many in the tourism sector would like to see substantial changes to the program. These will be potential considerations for the government going forward. We also anticipate the program will continue to grow, as will the support it provides to both the tourism sector and those sectors which are crucially interrelated,” said the Minister.

With the Working Holiday Maker program rapidly expanding, there has never been a better time to apply. If you’re interested in a working holiday in Australia, contact Zeke or Corina at to discuss your visa eligibility and options.