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Business and Investor Visas

The basic requirements for business and investor visas:

You may be eligible for one for of the following business or investor visas and should to contact us ASAP (before the legislation is amended) if:

  • you have a business which turnover over more 500,000 AUD or
  • you have investments (share – property) with a value exceeding 1,500,000 AUD

Whilst these visas require you to pass and English test and to be under 55 year old, there are exceptions. We always consider all visa options to ensure the best visa strategy for you needs is adopted.

Our experience and qualifications in business matters.

These visa categories are regarded as the most complex and difficult to prepare and lodge, as you need to properly understand international accounting standards, how to interpret financial reports, and how to read trust Deeds and company registration details.

The Migration Place a division of Irish Bentley Lawyers. We have immediate access to lawyers experienced in corporate, accounting and taxation law, which means that when we are preparing your business or investor visa application:

  • We understand the range of company and trust structures used internationally.
  • We can accurately read and properly present financials, trust Deeds etc.
  • We can talk directly with your accountant to ensure the financial evidence makes the visa process as simple as is possible.
  • We can assist with all the legal advice and assistance that you need to set up your business here (click here for a list of other legal services that we provide).

Having successfully secured business and investor visas since 2002, our clients include partners from overseas law Firms, car manufacturers, former CEOs of major global banks and other business clients who needed help – not just with their visa, but also with setting up their business here.

The basic threshold for business and investor visas

Please contact us if:

  1. if you have a business turnover greater than AUD$500,000, or
  2. investments (shares/property) with a value exceeding AUD$1.5M.

Business Visa Stream

BUSINESS VISAS Normal Business Visa (188) Business Talent Visa (132)
Required Turnover AUD $500K AUD $3M
Waiver of Age (55) Not possible Possible
Government Support Needed – we arrange Needed – we arrange
English Required (or pay approximately $10,000) Required (or pay approximately $10,000)
Route to Permanent Residency (‘P. R.’) Must first run an Australian business for 2 years and then apply for P. R. Straight to P. R. without running a business in Australia (this visa is a one stage direct route to P. R.)
Miscellaneous Still easy to convert to PR as the required turnover is only $400k p.a. Much quicker Lower risk Less hassle for you
Harder to get government support (we do required anyway)

For more information visit:

Business Innovation stream   Business Talent Visa

Investor Visa streams

If you are an investor in shares, property etc, under 55, and your investments have a value exceeding AUD$1.5M then there are 3 investor visa types that can be used to secure your new life in Australia – contact us for more information.

We have set out some basic guidelines on the various business and investor visa categories for you to read in the meantime – just click through for more information!

INVESTOR VISAS Normal Investor Visa Significant Investor Visa Premium Investor Visa
Required value of Investments $1.5m $5m $15m
Waiver of age Not possible Yes Yes
English requirement Required (or pay approximately $10,000) Required (or pay approximately $10,000) Required (or pay approximately $10,000)
Government letter of support Required – We arrange Required – We arrange Required – We arrange
Route to Permanent Residency (‘P. R.’) Invest $1.5m in government bonds for 4 years (expected return is 1% to 2%), then apply for P. R. Invest $5m in approved compliant managed funds (these have been yielding 10-20%) for 4 years. Straight to P. R. without waiting 4 years
Miscellaneous Can invest your $15m in your own business plan (not bonds or funds). The best option if you have $15m.

For more information visit:

Investor Stream  Significant/Premium Investor Stream



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