Chinese Visitors Head Down Under in Tourism Frenzy

Chinese visitors coming to Australia set a new record last year with official totals hitting 1 million! This is the first time that visitor numbers have hit this epic high, with only roughly 100,000 Chinese visitors coming to Australia in the year 2000. Numbers have increased steadily since then – a trend which has seen almost $6 billion injected into the Australian economy in the year 2014 alone. Today, nearly 1 in 7 visitors to Australia are from China!

Australian Chinese TourismChinese Tourism Growth

The total numbers of Chinese tourists worldwide is currently around 100 million, a figure that is set to double by 2020. Australia, anxious to prepare for such growth, has begun training an elite network of travel agents in China who are specially trained to sell tour packages to high-yielding clients. The Australian Government is engaged in efforts to boost flight capacity, reform visa programs, and focus on international marketing. Tourism has been identified as a key national pillar to the Australian economy, and is now one of five National Investment Priorities.

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