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    Our Wills and Estates division has been drafting Wills, administering Estates and litigating Will disputes since 1976.

    The first thing a “new” Australian needs is a new will, because Australia has zero death duties. We advise against appointing the Public Trustee because many regard the Public Trustee to be a costly and ineffective administrator of Estates.

    We will ensure that your legacy goes to the right people at the right time. Ask us how you can draft wills which protect your bequest from being diluted by estate debts, taxes and the divorce or bankruptcy of a beneficiary.

    If you want certainty about what will happen to your assets or your will is not up to date with your circumstances, then you need to visit us to discuss your options.

    Having conducted estates law since 1976, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise in handling Wills and estates, with more than 1000 wills of many longstanding clients in our safe custody.

    Our services can assist you in various matters, including:

    • Drafting and execution of wills.
    • Protecting your bequests by using testamentary trusts.
    • Appointment of executors.
    • Guardianship arrangements.
    • Drafting Enduring power of attorney.
    • Administering Estates and making applications for probate or letter of administration.
    • Will disputes, family maintenance claims and estate litigation.
    • Making your Estate tax effective for your beneficiaries.

    Our combined expertise in tax law, property law, commercial law, family law, insolvency law and litigation means we address all issues relevant to your Will and your estate effectively.