Flagged Partner Visa Changes – November 2021 - Migration Place

This November 2021, there are flagged changes to the Partner visa program that would entail a more onerous application process.

Changes may include separating sponsorship assessments from the visa application process, imposing statutory obligations on persons who are approved as family sponsors, as well as mandating character checks and various eligibility standards for sponsors amongst other things.

New Partner visa applicants and permanent resident sponsors are likely to be required to provide evidence of functional level English or demonstrate that they have made reasonable efforts to learn English, for example by completing 500 hours of English language classes through the Adult Migrant English Program.

The changes may result in stricter eligibility requirements, potentially higher costs and possibly a prolonged application process for both onshore and offshore applicants.

It is expected that the flagged changes may commence on 13 November 2021 or sometime in the period from 5 November to 13 November 2021.

Considering the forthcoming changes likely to be implemented, and with a view of aiming to lodge your application before the flagged changes take effect, it is highly recommended that you discuss with us as soon as practicable if you wish to proceed with an application for a Partner visa.