Health Test Threshold raised to $35,000 - Migration Place

Visa applicants need to pass a health test.

To pass the test, the visa applicant must not have a health condition which is likely to cause significant cost to the Australian Health Care System over the period of the visa.

This is usually for a maximum of 5 years.

All dependents listed on the visa application need to pass the test.

“Significant cost” in respect of the health criteria has (just) been increased from $20,000.00 to $35,000.00. This follows years of lobbying for an increase as the $20,000 threshhold is far too low.

“Likely to cause” does not always mean 51%, – indeed in some cases “likely” means 75% depending upon the health condition. You should seek advice on your particular condition from The Migration Place.

If you have any condition which is likely to require treatment, then you will need an experienced migration lawyer:

  1. To help arrange evidence to ensure that you pass the test.
  2. To advise you on alternative visa options which allow a health test waiver.
  3. To prepare submissions to the DIAC and/or the Migration Review Tribunal to help you to overcome any issues.