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  • Purpose of Immigration Solicitors

    Immigration Solicitors, also called migration solicitors, are very similar to immigration attorneys.  They are capable of providing legal advice, preparing and drafting legal documents, and conducting legal based negotiations on behalf of their clients.

    The Migration Place is completely dedicated to assisting applicants with legal matters related to immigration, so we have a complete staff of immigration solicitors and lawyers who are capable of serving all of your needs.  Whether you know exactly what visa you’re applying for, or you have no idea, we are ready and able to help you from start to finish.

    Provide Legal Advice

    Immigration procedures can be a very confusing matter.  In some cases, the process is very straightforward and simple, but other times it is extremely complex and difficult.  One of the more challenging matters, especially from the start, is determining what visa you may need or even be eligible for.  Immigration law solicitors have extensive knowledge about various visa types, so they can help you narrow down your search.  Additionally, migration solicitors can explain the requirements to you, and they can help you identify whether or not you meet all of the necessary qualifications.  In the case that you don’t, they will be able to advise you on possible steps to take to improve your situation.

    Furthermore, when you have specific questions relating to your case, it can often be slow and difficult to get answers from government officials.  If you are working with migration solicitors at The Migration Place, you will be able to talk to someone almost immediately, and this will save you a lot of time and frustration over the duration of your immigration application process.

    Prepare and Draft Legal Documents

    When applying for visas or any other immigration procedures, there is a lot of paperwork involved.  Immigration solicitors can not only advise you on which forms or paperwork are needed, but they can also assist you in filling them out.  For other documentation, you will need to draft documents to prove certain facts, and they can help you create these so they will meet the proper legal standards.  Once all of the documentation is complete, they can tell you where and how to submit the application.  Also, there are many cases where they can submit documents on your behalf.

    Conduct Negotiations

    Also, it sometimes becomes necessary to speak directly with immigration authorities or other governmental bodies throughout your immigration process.  An immigration solicitor can often conduct these sorts of negotiations for you, and even if they can’t, they can generally go along with you to advise and support you throughout the process.

    Save Time and Money

    Another benefit of working with immigration solicitors is that they can use their knowledge and experience of the whole process to give you numerous advantages.  They have a detailed understanding of the system, and they have helped other people through it, so they know a great deal about what’s to be expected along the way.  This can really help things move faster by making sure that everything you need is ready before the government asks for it.

    Also, immigration law solicitors can prevent you from making mistakes that will slow down the process or result in denial.  It’s far easier to get approved on your initial application than it is to overturn a negative decision that has already been made.  However, it is often possible to review and challenge an unfavorable outcome, but these cases almost require the expertise of immigration solicitors because of the strictness of the procedure.

    Future Planning

    Talking to immigration solicitors can allow you to make a well-informed plan about your future.  If you have any specific, long-term goals, such as obtaining Australian citizenship, it’s best to start planning early and make sure everything you do works towards this.  An immigration solicitor can explain the whole path that you must follow and help you set up achievable steps along the way.

    Top Australian Immigration Solicitors

    At The Migration Place, the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority.  For this reason, we only hire top immigration solicitors who will be able to give the best experience possible.  All of our immigration solicitors are registered in the appropriate fashion, are knowledgeable and experienced, and are warm and friendly.  Additionally, we hold all of our employees to the highest legal and ethical standards to make sure everything is done properly.