New investor visa to be introduced - Migration Place

On 25 May 2012, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced the delivery of the ‘Significant Investor Visa’.

This new visa is intended to make it easier for investors coming to Australia by offering some concessions on visa requirements in recognition of their meaningful investment contribution – such as not having to meet a points test and reduced residence requirements.

This is an important part of Australia’s skilled migration program because it targets migrants who have a demonstrated history of innovation and success in business, as these individuals are in the position to make a strong contribution to the local economy in the form of increased job opportunities and financial development.

This introduction is in line with the Federal Government’s commitment to improving foreign investment in Australia, and to increase the volume and quality of applicants for this program which will be renamed the ‘Business Innovation and Investment Program’.

With 7,200 places allocated to the Business Skills visa over 2011-12, Australia is keeping pace with other countries that are competing for talented international investors.

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