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Exciting news has been announced for General Skilled Migration occupations for the upcoming 2017-2018 year!

IT professionals, Engineering professionals and Accountants have great news as well as a handful of other occupations listed.

Accountants, the 2017-2018 year will be very beneficial to you. The occupation limit has risen from 2,285 places to an astounding 4,785! That is over a 90% increase from last year! Accountants are not the only occupation to see a rise.

Software and Application programmers, as well as ICT Business and Systems Analysts have risen quite significantly from 2016!

Software and Application Programmers have increased by 540 placements while ICT Business and System Analysts have increased by 92 places to 1,574!

It’s also good news for other listed skilled occupations such as Civil Engineering and Early Childhood Teachers.

Civil Engineers will see a 50% increase for placements, while Early Childhood Teachers will see about a 45% increase.

For those who are in the industrial, mechanical and production engineering field, an increase of over 40% for placements is to be expected.

Are you affected with these recent changes?

Some skilled occupations and trades are expected to see some decreases in placements but this may not be forever!

These changes are purely because the Department of Immigration has decided that in this point and time, some occupations may not be as significantly required to the Australian economy.

Below are some examples of occupations that are currently seeing a decrease:

  • Computer Network Professionals
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Bricklayers and Stone Masons
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Metal Fitters and Machinists

This is a small handful of decreases in comparison to the many increases the Department of Immigration has made for the upcoming 2017-2018 year. 

Have changes been made to the point scheme?

To apply for a Skilled Work Visa in Australia you may be required to pass a points test.

Points are issued in certain amounts per category which help determine who has the necessary skills and qualities needed for their particular skilled occupation.

These categories include:

  • Skills and Age
  • English speaking ability.
  • Occupation, work experience and qualifications in Australia.

Occupations that have seen increases to required points needed for a Skilled Migration invitation are among the likes of Accountants and Auditors who now require a point’s score of 75 instead of 70.

As of the most recent made in late August, occupations with increases like the ICT Business and System Analysts, decreased from 75 back down to 70 points.

The reason for the increase earlier on in the year was most likely due to a back log of expression of interest applications within the system.

From the most recent announcement, occupations previously holding elevated points expected the point scheme for some occupations will reduce as well as the wait times from the department over the next few months.

 What should you do now?

Updated eligible skilled occupations lists are now available on the Australian Government Department of Immigration Website.

If your current occupation has been removed from the list, we can help you to look into other options available to migrate to Australia. We highly recommend consulting one of our dedicated migration experts.

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