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When it is said that migration laws are constantly changing, it couldn’t be truer now!

New announcements have come to light regarding new processing times, policy changes for graduate diplomas, new state nomination updates and Skilled Visa outlooks.

Currently completing a graduate visa?

For Graduate Temporary Visa (or 485 Visa) holders this an important update.

Post Graduate students, even though they were not eligible for qualifications for the 485 Post Study Work Stream, it was previously possible to use the 2- year study requirement points to test and apply for the 485 Graduate Work Stream.

With recent updates, the Department have determined that Graduate Diplomas would not count towards the Australian 2-year study requirement.

If you are currently completing a Graduate Diploma, your eligibility may be affected.

It is highly recommended to gain assistance from an experienced and dedicated team of migration lawyers to assess if you still meet the current 2-year study requirement.

Worried about your occupation outlook?

Updates have been announced as recently as the 3rd of August and later amended on the 7th of August to Occupational Ceilings for 189 Skilled Independent Visa invitations based upon a point stream system.

Some occupations stand out for the 2017-2018 year for major increases to the limits of job placements.

Occupations such as an accountant, limits have risen from 2,500 places from last year to 4,785 places this year, showing the positive high demand Australia has for the occupation.

It is also good news for IT professionals!

Currently ICT Security Specialists as well as Data base and System Administrators will also see heightened placement limits for your occupation.

However, it may not all be good news for all occupations. For Skilled Independent Visa invitations (Subclass 189), a new point stream system for certain occupations have been predicted.

While most occupations will remain high for required points for an invitation, some occupations even increasing to 75 points, the 2017-2018 year may show some changes. Some occupations, like an accountant have been predicted to decrease to 70 or maybe even 65!

Processing times have also increased for General Skilled Migration. Currently the Department of Immigration would recommend allowing 4-11 months for your visa to be fully finalised.

What is currently the easiest state to gain a state nomination?

According to the most recently updated State Migration Plans, Tasmania is one of the best states for a state nomination for the 2017-2018 year. Tasmania will however implement new changes later on in the year which will increase the requirements.

It also points to Western Australia as being the hardest to gain a state nomination due to limited occupations accepted for state nominations.

Migration rules change constantly, and the process is getting harder each year so we highlight the need to act quickly, and with assistance of a registered and experienced migration lawyer.

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