The Department of Immigration is Cracking Down on Self-Sponsored 457 Visas - Migration Place

New applications for Subclass 457 Visas will contain increased identity checks at the sponsorship, nomination, and application stages as of 20 November 2015. These ramped-up cross-checks means that the already challenging task obtaining a self-sponsored Subclass 457 Visa will be even harder!

Companies that wish to sponsor someone will now have to identify themselves with the names of their owners, directors, and even the major shareholders in addition to their business’ legal name. If a sponsor is a trust, they will now need to submit their application in the name of the trustee and include their ABN if they have one. The increased identity checks do not stop there with applicants now also being required to give identification numbers for every prior dealing they have had with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection!

The increased identity checks indicate that the Department of Immigration is more likely to conclude that self-sponsorship may be a front for gaining a migration solution as opposed to filling a ‘genuine position’. Despite this, not all self-sponsored applications will necessarily fail! If your application is properly prepared with an experienced immigration lawyer, you will maximise your chances of success. Don’t risk your migration outcome and your Australian visa – call The Migration Place today for a consultation with one of our immigration professionals on 073229 4027