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A government report commissioned by Australia, has slammed imminent changes to UK working visas as “discriminatory” and harmful to the relationship between the motherland and Australia.

The amendments will restrict a spouse’s right to work, limit the ability of international companies to transfer staff, and generally make it more difficult for Australians to live and work in the UK.


The report surveyed UK businesses and found that more than 60 percent said they were less likely to hire Australians given the incoming visa restrictions.

“The UK’s refusal to allow in-country switching deters employers and discriminates against Australians,” the report states.

“(The) changes are making this country a less welcoming destination for Australians”.


London Mayor Boris Johnson said he supported Australia’s protests.

“The Mayor has long argued for a fair but firm visa system that attracts talented people from across the world to come to London to live and work,” a spokesman told News Corp.

The visa changes will force “thousands” of Australians to leave the UK, according to the newspaper.


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