What is Temporary Residence? - Migration Place

Temporary Residence means you may remain in Australia with certain benefits on a visa that has a limited time of validity.

Australia’s Temporary Residence Program is designed to allow overseas people to come to Australia for specific purposes that benefit Australia.
As a Temporary Resident you:

  • Must meet all mandatory health and character requirements;
  • Are required to pay taxes on income earned in Australia;
  • Do not have access to social welfare benefits or national public health cover.

Australia has reciprocal health care agreements (RHCA) with certain countries, including Belgium, Finland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. When you are the citizen of such a country, you are entitled to emergency medical cover in Australia. This does not extend to pre-existing medical conditions. You should check if you need to maintain private health insurance in your home country while remaining in Australia.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There are many different temporary visas, including regular travel visas. Not all temporary visas allow you to work in Australia, or give you the official status of Australian Temporary Resident. You should check the conditions of your specific visa before entering into any work activities within Australia.