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Australian Visa Police Check Overview

One of the main purposes of the strict immigration rules that Australia has in place is to ensure the safety of everyone already in the country.  For this reason, nearly all visa applications contain sections about security requirements, and it is often necessary to obtain an Australian police check for visa approval to go through.

This particular part of a visa application process feels very intimidating to many people because of the involvement with the police (sometimes in multiple countries).  However, you can relax because it isn’t as scary as it seems.  Unless you have a criminal record, this will most likely just be obtaining a few standard papers and be similar to the rest of the process.

At The Migration Place, we’ve helped people do this from all around the world.  We can find out exactly what you need, and in many cases, we can do most of the work for you.

Australian Visa Police Check Requirements

There isn’t a quick answer about the Australian visa police check requirements because they are different depending on where you’re coming from, what you’re applying for, and many other factors.

However, you are often required to get a document to prove that you don’t have any criminal history.  Most countries issue a form that is generally referred to as a police certificate or a penal clearance certificate.  For many different visas, you will have to obtain one of these certificates from every country in which you have lived throughout your life.  Also, you must get one from the Australian government if you’ve lived in Australia for a year or more over the past decade.  Additionally, translations and copies need to be completed in a proper manner, so it’s wise to get expert help when doing this.

Character Assessment with Australian Visa Police Check

The Australian police check for visa applications is just one part of a larger examination into the character of the applicant.  The whole process is quite complicated, but there are a few main things that are looked at.  First, you must prove that you don’t have a substantial criminal record, and a very basic definition of this is not having ever served more than a year in prison for crimes committed.  Next, they will make sure you have never escaped from or caused other problems in an immigration detention situation.  Third, they will make sure that you aren’t and have never been involved with any international criminal organizations, such as those running smuggling or human trafficking operations.  Additionally, you can’t pass the character assessment if you have been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, are wanted by Interpol or other similar organizations, are a person of interest to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, or other similar types of issues.

How to Get an Australian Visa Police Check

The actual process for obtaining a certificate depends on the country.  For getting a police clearance certificate from the Australian authorities, you must fill out an application for an Australian Federal Police National Police Check.  All other countries need to be examined individually to understand their exact procedure.  Don’t hesitate to seek our assistance if you are having trouble obtaining one from a country where you have lived.

Applications with a Criminal History

If you have a criminal record, it can be very difficult to pass the character requirements of a visa application.  On the other hand, it is usually only an issue if you have committed serious crimes, and there can be ways around anything more minor.  Unfortunately, it will inevitably make the process take longer and be more confusing.  Plus, it makes it extremely difficult for you to successfully complete the application without assistance because you will need expert knowledge to know exactly what will and will not be accepted by the decision makers.

Assistance with Australian Visa Police Check

Getting a certificate from Australia is quite straightforward, but it’s not so simple in many other countries.  They often issue slightly different forms, and it can be challenging to track down the correct office which gives them, especially if isn’t your home country.  But, don’t hesitate to talk to us about it.  We know how to find the proper office to contact in each country, and we can save you time by being able to tell if you have received a certificate that is likely to be approved by the Department of Immigration.

For all matters concerning the Australian Visa Police Check, contact the team at The Migration Place today.