Changes to the 457 work visa rules. - Migration Place

The work visa scheme has been changed (again) as of 1 July 2012 and a quick summary follows:

  1. There is a new minimum income (it has moved from 49,330 by 4.2% to $51,400 plus super)  – this equates to a weekly wage of just under $1000 (plus super, and before tax)), or an hourly rate between $26 and $27/hour.
  2. The new SkillSelect program is available for skilled workers who are looking for an Australian business to sponsor them.
  3. More 457 work visa holders are eligible for permanent residency as the age limit has been lifted from 45 to 50, and beyond 50 if the worker has been on a 457 for four years or earns in excess of $120,000.00 per year.
  4. English language proficiency can also be waived under the 457 visa program if an employee’s salary is above $92,000.

Subclass visa applicants need to be paid the applicable market salary rate for their field of work – and while this rate needs to be greater than the TSMIT, it can vary from role to role.

The Migration Place is experienced in collating evidence to substantiate the market salary, such as published earnings data, remuneration surveys or detailed findings of what employees in equivalent roles at other organisations are paid if there are no other Australian members of staff performing the same role.

These salary rates can also be set out in some industrial arrangements, including enterprise agreements, common law contracts and industrial awards.