Earning Your Skilled Visa Invitation – A Racing Game! - Migration Place

We have come across many people waiting for their Skilled Migration Points to increase, such as for their age to fall within higher points bracket or hoping to gain more work experience over time. 

However, there are various things you can do now, without delay!

For example, you may try one or more of the following:

  • Achieve a Proficient or Superior English language test score on one of the English language tests outlined by the Department of Home Affairs;
  • Obtain a positive outcome from a NAATI Credentialled Community Language test; or
  • If you have a partner, evidence of your partner’s Competent English can earn you 5 points.

In addition, there could be other things you could possibly do to gain more points in SkillSelect.

Although the minimum required points for Skilled Migration Visas is 65 points, you will need to reap more points to compete with other skilled candidates in the SkillSelect pool.

Importantly, some States and Territories may require at least 75 points to be eligible for their nomination.

Therefore, to receive an invitation to apply for a permanent Skilled Migration Visa is not a waiting game, but a racing game for all highly skilled applicants.

Missing an invitation round can mean a longer wait time of around 3 to 12 months.

In the meantime, if you do not get an invitation to apply, you could potentially lose points for example based on your age should you get older and be moved to an age bracket with less points.

For enquiries on how to obtain more visa points, or improve your ranking in SkillSelect, please run to us, don’t walk!

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