Happy Australia Day! - Migration Place

I am so proud to be a part of this amazing nation.

One of my best friends is William Barton who has contributed so much to our First Nations peoples.

He is pictured above, about to perform with Andrew Ferris (ex INXS) at yesterday’s Australia Day celebrations at the Opera House.

He opened the performance on his didgeridoo with Shane Howard of Goanna, playing “Solid Rock”, before playing Thunderstruck on that amazing Steve Vai guitar in the photo, and the show ended with our national anthem being sung to the digeridoo.

Australia Day obviously represents different things to different people – the reality is we are a great nation with a great cultural heritage that goes back 40,000 years, and I believe the day should be about celebrating every aspect of our rich cultural heritage, and especially the cultures that flourished here before 1788, along with the melting pot that has been evolving since 1788.

From my perspective, my heritage goes back to Joshua Bentley, who was the first born Caucasian in Australia – Joshua was conceived on the First Fleet following a romance between a convict girl, and a sailor, and he was born shortly after the First Fleet landed.

We are proud to be part of this great nation and diverse heritage!