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What implications can criminal charges have on your visa? Are these fair in light of all other circumstances?

Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) provides provisions on the refusal or cancellation of a visa on character grounds. A criminal record is… Read More

Non-citizens charged with an offence need a criminal lawyer working with their migration lawyer

The cancellation of visas on character grounds has become a busy area within the Department of Immigration, with over 1000 cancellations this year alone, and… Read More

Foreign Doctors and nurses may be removed from the skilled visa lists!

The Department of Health has lobbied to have 41 Medical Occupations removed from the Skilled occupations List! A formal submission has been made to remove… Read More

What Brexit Means To Australia

Since the Brexit news was released, we’ve received a significant amount of enquiries about migrating to Australia. Indeed, in the last 3 days we’re… Read More

Why you need a Migration Lawyer to Fix a Visa Refusal

If your visa application is refused by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), then you can have this decision reviewed on appeal. Surprisingly… Read More

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Means Stricter 457 Visa Requirements

A compromise deal has finally been struck between the federal government and opposition over the China-Australia free trade agreement. As a result, the free trade… Read More

Study stress can lead to overlooked visa deadlines!

Students – did you know that you are one of the most common types of visa holder to overlook your visa expiry date? Be… Read More

Australia’s Immigration Department is cancelling Kiwi visas on “character” grounds – this can be successfully challenged!

Over the last 6-10 months, the Immigration Department has cancelled over 1200 visas (mostly held by Kiwis) on “character grounds”. This is unprecedented and it… Read More

Will Australia still be “The Backpacker Destination”?

Australia is known as the most competitive “backpacker destination”. However, it is now in doubt if that will still be the case! The Federal Government’s… Read More

Australia and Hungary sign a new Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangement

On 24 February 2016, Australia and Hungary signed a Work and Holiday Memorandum of Understanding, establishing a reciprocal Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) arrangement… Read More