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Recent statistics show that less than a third of Registered Migration Agents in Australia are also lawyers. Here at The Migration Place, all of our Registered Migration Agents are also Solicitors, and our migration services are complemented by our firm’s full range of legal services and support . Lawyers have years of compulsory professional training in interpreting legislation (like the Migration Act) and the cases that are decided in the Courts and the Tribunals, which guards against the need to seek a review in the first place (as the applications are prepared to a legal standard), and helps ensure the success of any review that may be needed. Additionally, we can represent you in review processes if your visa application is refused or your current visa is cancelled by the department, which Registered Migration Agents cannot do.

  • Lawyers go through considerable legal training and are adept at interpreting legislation and case law. Migration agents only need to go through a short course to become registered.
  • Clients are protected by legal professional privilege if they use a lawyer. Migration agents who are not lawyers may be required to pass on client information due to privacy law exemptions.
  • As lawyers and migration agents, our team are subject to two sets of professional standards.
  • Lawyers must work under supervision of a more experienced practitioner for their first few years after becoming a solicitor, thus you know that you will always have an experienced solicitor looking after your case. There is no such requirement for migration agents.
  • Lawyers must have current professional indemnity insurance, complete a certain amount of continuing legal education and must operate a trust account to ensure client’s funds are used correctly.
  • Lawyers have a responsibility to advise a client about any legal implications and legal issues, not just those related to migration law. Non-lawyer agents do not have this same responsibility, and might not even be aware of any other non-migration legal issues.

By choosing The Migration Place, you will receive the benefit of a Migration Agent who is also a Solicitor and has a wealth of legal knowledge and experience, without the hefty price tag of a traditional law firm. Our firm utilises fixed fees to ensure that we are accessible and accountable to our clients. Our initial consultation fee is credited towards your visa application, and we will explain to you at the outset the fees and charges involved in your particular visa application. We do not “time bill” in increments of 6 minute blocks, we are happy to speak with our clients and keep them updated on their case throughout the whole process at no extra cost!

To ensure that your migration needs are looked after by a Registered Migration Agent who is also a Solicitor, make sure you contact us at The Migration Place on (07) 3229 4025 or

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