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Australian Family Sponsored Visa Overview

If you’re moving to Australia on a permanent or long-term basis, it’s completely understandable that you would want to bring your family members with you.  However, how easy it will be to get them an Australian family sponsored visa depends on your relation to them, your situation, and many other factors.

At The Migration Place, we can relate to how difficult and stressful these situations are.  We have helped a great number of people obtain the family sponsored visa Australia provides, and we’ve seen many families successfully reunited.  We can use our knowledge and experience to advise you about your situation, help you through the process, and help you be together with your loved ones as soon as possible.

Family Visa Australia Types

Many Australian visas allow for the holder to bring their spouse or partner and any dependent family members.  Generally, it is much easier to include them on the initial application, but it is not impossible to bring them if the primary visa holder is already in Australia.

On the other hand, it can be more complicated to get an Australian family visa for other, non-dependent family members.  For the most part, this requires the family member who is already in Australia to act as a sponsor, and they must meet certain requirements to be able to do this.  This general situation is they must have a permanent visa or Australian citizenship, but there are specific cases where this is different.

We highly recommend speaking with an immigration expert to help you determine the options and possibilities in your situation.

Family Visa Australia Capping and Queuing

Certain visas are capped.  In other words, the government will limit the number that will be approved each year.  It sounds complicated, but the process is actually pretty simple.  Once the cap amount is reached in a specific year, no other visas will be granted until the following year.

However, one major obstacle to obtaining an Australian family visa is related to the queuing possibility.  In the situations where a cap has been set, applications are still accepted for that visa.  But, since they won’t be processed until the following year, they just form a queue for when that specific family sponsored visa Australia grants is open again.

In some cases, the capping and queuing can extend over many years, and there are certain visas that we don’t recommend applying for.  There is often another option that doesn’t require a 30 year wait time, and one of our immigration lawyers would be able to help you find that so your family can be reunited in a reasonable amount of time.

Remaining Relative Visa

This Australian family visa is for those who don’t live in Australia, but their only living family members reside there.  It can be for a single person or for a couple.  The relatives in Australia must be either permanent residents or citizens, and they are required to act as the sponsor for the purpose of the visa.  However, this visa will grant permanent resident status to the holder, and it can be a pathway to Australian citizenship.

Aged Dependent Relative

This Australian family visa is quite similar to the remaining relative visa, but the primary requirement is slightly different.  Instead of needing to have no other living family members, applicants of this visa must depend on their sponsor to support them financially.  Obviously, the sponsor must live in Australia and be a permanent resident or citizen.  Additionally, the applicant must meet certain age requirements for this visa, so it can’t be used as a pathway to bring children or other young people.

Family Visa Australia Legal Issues

This is only a brief look at the possibilities of obtaining an Australian family visa.  However, we would like to warn you of the serious risk faced if not applying for a proper visa when attempting to bring family members.  The penalties imposed on anyone attempting to cheat the system can be quite severe, and they are not worth the risk.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel lost in your situation, and we will do our best to find a legal way to help reunite your family in Australia.

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